Digital Twin Platform Provides the Insights Tower Companies Need

vHive’s Digital Twin Platform Provides the Insights Tower Companies Need

20 Jul 2022 Written by Sharon

Solving customer challenges with good data: the most requested features on recent RFPs.

vHive’s Digital Twin platform is helping TowerCos operate more efficiently and more effectively throughout the organization.  Digital Twins offer precise information about individual tower assets: and improve a wide range of workflows, from inspections to actionable business insights resulting in accurate billing.  vHive has added new capabilities to deliver insights across an entire portfolio of assets: responding to the problems expressed by the market and by our customer base for Digital Twin technology.

Detailed Tower Inventory

Many of our customers are looking for accurate, machine-learning assisted inventory.  Customers want more than a visual representation of an asset: they need specific data about the type, size and location of every single piece of equipment on a tower.  Accurate equipment data allows TowerCos to manage towers more effectively and understand issues like tower overload.

Detailed inventory data also allows companies to effectively utilize capacity.  vHive’s Digital Twin platform identifies any unutilized mounts.  We’re working to provide increasingly detailed information about unutilized space, so that companies can make informed decisions with their customers about the type and size of equipment that could be installed in that section.

Accurate, detailed information about both equipment and available space addresses multiple needs.   Good data about unutilized capacity allows companies to optimize their assets and increase revenue per site and ensures that they have the capacity required to meet the demands of 5G rollout.   The data also helps companies manage liability: with the right information upfront, tower companies can manage loads and guarantee the integrity of their assets into the future.

vHive’s Digital Twin Platform Provides the Insights Tower Companies Need

Accurate Portfolio-Level Inventory

vHive has also worked with customers to develop a solution for portfolio-level inventory information. vHive provides tower companies with the ability to categorize and aggregate asset information, helping decision makers understand their portfolio on a macro level.  We’re working to eliminate the need to explore data asset by asset to find required information, and the upkeep of cumbersome Excel spreadsheets to manage the information.

Portfolio-level, accumulated data is critical to solving operational challenges in the tower industry and to managing sites effectively and deploying relevant resources efficiently.  At vHive, it is our mission to provide customers with easy access to valuable information.  On our platform, customers can filter through their portfolio by tower name, region, location, date, or tower height.  The portfolio page delivers insights on aggregated information:

  • inconsistencies between listed inventory and a Digital Twin inventory,
  • changes since the last survey,
  • available space and unutilized mounts,
  • equipment related insights

vHive’s Digital Twin Platform Provides the Insights Tower Companies Need

Digital Twins lead to the critical business insights and are setting a new standard for managing tower assets efficiently.  As one of the first platforms to be adopted by major tower companies, vHive benefits from an insider’s view of company requirements.  We’re constantly evolving our solution to meet those requirements and add value.  We’re making consistent, accurate data accessible to entire organizations: from management using the top-down view of their global portfolio to operations, inspecting each asset in detail.

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