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28 Feb 2022 Written by Sharon

At vHive, we’re committed to providing the most value possible for our customers.  Our Partner API enables secure integration between strategic partners, like your company’s Asset Management systems and the vHive platform.  Integration with existing systems allows clients to get deeper insights and more value from their Digital Twins and field data for their on-going operations and existing workflows.  By comparing the digital information stored to the latest visual data taken directly from the field, customers can improve the accuracy of their records, optimize their profits, and improve customer relationships.

For tower companies, the Asset Management systems are meant to hold all the information about the site that is required to bill accurately, track all inventory equipment changes, and allow users to identify opportunities.  Unfortunately, data has often been transcribed manually into the Asset Management system from inaccurate field reports, sometimes several years out of date.  Over time, the errors compound and the accuracy of the system is further degraded.

The vHive platform provides a precise Digital Twin of an asset created from high resolution images taken on site.  The consistent, accurate data provided by autonomous drone-enabled data capture allows for detailed information, digital twins, and AI-powered analytics.  The vHive solution provides your company with up-to-date, true data about your assets – visually understood and verifiable. [See the What is a Digital Twin?] A Digital Twin of an asset can serve as a single source of truth for tower companies and their clients; and can serve as a basis for deep analysis and critical business insights.  AI-powered analytics can identify equipment, empty spaces, maintenance needs, and more.  The ability to add annotation and other contextual information makes that data even more complete.

vHive’s Partner API allows interoperability, system to system communications which optimizes the value of all of them.   This interoperability allows companies to compare the data from their Asset Management system with the data found on the vHive platform.  Users can compare their data stored on the Asset Management system concerning provisioned and contracted equipment with the undeniable, actual equipment found on a tower.  When users wish to see where there is a discrepancy- and take a closer look to accurately identify a difference they will access the vHive platform and immediately receive an enriched, visualized environment and in-depth insights. This could indicate an error in billing or point out a new revenue opportunity. vHive brings context to the customers’ data in a secure and credible way.

vHive is continually developing our Partner API solution to bring more value to our customers.  We’ll work with your company to ensure that the vHive partner API is configured to maximize benefit to your company.  The ability to generate reports by tenant comparing source data on provisioned and contracted equipment vs. vHive’s data is just one use: but by popular customer request vHive has added the site report PDF file and images included in the report as elements transferred through the API.

Accurate data is critical to understanding your business: from accurate billing and maintenance to finding new revenue opportunities.  Integrating Asset Management systems with the vHive platform creates new possibilities for deeper insights, optimized profits and better customer relationships.

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