vHive’s 360° Panoramic View: More than Just Scenery

vHive’s 360° Panoramic View: More than Just Scenery

18 Nov 2021 Written by Sharon

The vHive 360° provides more than just a spectacular view of the scenery – it is an essential tool for new tower site planning, maintenance, and more.

New tower site planning requires a thorough understanding of the space surrounding a proposed tower site.  Stakeholders need detailed information about the environment: including other towers in the vicinity, topography, and buildings or other potential obstacles.  How tall are the surrounding features?  How far away are they, and in which direction?  Getting a detailed 360° view of the environment around the tower, usually means using a cherry picker or lift to get up into the air and take images.  It’s a time-consuming and expensive process that requires an expert staff and specialized equipment.

Using inexpensive, commercial off-the-shelf drones to gather data, vHive’s 360° panoramic view provides that perspective without additional truck rolls or specialized lift equipment.  In a matter of minutes, vHive’s automated platform instructs the drone to gather the data needed: from the top of the tower and all the way around it.  That data is processed into a detailed visual understanding of a tower’s environment.

vHive’s 360° Panoramic View: More than Just Scenery

The 360o Virtual Tour provides high-resolution spherical panoramic views that are interactive high-resolution visualization of each level of the tower. Users can easily rotate, zoom in and out, and move seamlessly between panoramic views at different locations and heights of the tower.

This functionality, makes the virtual tour an essential tool for new tower planning.  3600 panoramic virtual tours provide a single source of truth about what the site surroundings looks like: including existing buildings, line of sight considerations, and surrounding terrain.  Users can identify and evaluate obstacles between towers for potential obstructions and can share this visual understanding of the environment with other stakeholders.

vHive’s 360° Panoramic View is more than just a cool feature: it’s a time and money saving tool that smooths the process of new site planning and provides insights that can be used for future site management.  Combined with vHive’s autonomous data capture, AI-powered analytics, digital twin technology, and simple user interface, the 360° Panoramic View is one more feature driving digital transformation in the tower industry.

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