vHive Launches New AI Driven Capabilities

vHive Launches New AI Driven Capabilities

4 Feb 2020 Written by vhive_hadar

vHive, the only software solution that enables enterprises to digitize their field assets and operations using autonomous drone hives, announced today the release of an AI driven Auto Discovery™ capability for simplifying and shortening data acquisition in communication tower inspections.


“Tower companies require a scalable level of automation as part of their digital transformation process. vHive’s AI driven Auto Discovery™ adds contextual awareness to off-the-shelf drones, enabling vHive’s system to capture data on assets without needing to know their precise location or orientation a-priori”, said vHive Co-Founder and CTO, Tomer Daniel. “Our new AI based Auto Discovery™ enables enterprises to further improve the quality of the data captured as well as to shorten time in the field, save costs and provide an overall easy user experience that enables field technicians to use drones as another “tool” in their toolset.”

“The introduction of vHive’s unique Auto Discovery™ technology is an important milestone in realizing vHive’s leadership in the autonomous drone hives domain. vHive continuously strives to be in the technology forefront of enterprise field digitization solutions”, vHive CEO and Co-Founder Yariv Geller said. “Thanks to our commitment to ease of use, scalability and quality, vHive has attracted a customer base of Fortune 500 companies in the communication tower industry and others, who use our software platform to conduct tens of thousands of surveys and improve their business intelligence towards market leadership.”

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/il/news-releases/vhive

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