vHive Celebrates 7 Years of Innovation: Winning the Frost & Sullivan 2023 Enabling Technology Leadership Award

vHive Celebrates 7 Years of Innovation: Winning the Frost & Sullivan 2023 Enabling Technology Leadership Award

14 Nov 2023 Written by Naomi Stol Zamir

In a world of ever-evolving technology and increasing demand for efficient, sustainable solutions, vHive is honored to have been acknowledged this year for its achievements in the asset digitization industry. vHive has won the Frost & Sullivan 2023 Enabling Technology Leadership Award, recognizing our contributions to the field and to our customers. Frost & Sullivan, an internationally renowned business consulting firm, applies an analytical approach to evaluating each of the many nominees for the award. Criteria include a demonstrated commitment to innovation, price/performance value, and all aspects of the customer experience. The Frost & Sullivan judges applied the same detailed analysis to our company and product that our clients and partners do when choosing a digital twin solution.

We’re thrilled that the organizational values that drive our business proved to be the differentiators for the judges. Here are just a few of the points named in the Frost & Sullivan report:

Leveraging the Best New Technology Available

The asset digitization industry faces technical, operational, regulatory, compliance, and environmental challenges. Frost & Sullivan analysts recognized that the vHive digital twin solution takes advantage of some of the most innovative technology available to meet those challenges.

vHive’s software uses AI, machine learning, and computer vision to leverage inexpensive, commercial off-the-shelf drones for autonomous data capture: our Autonomous Capture and Auto Discovery™ technology. This unique feature empowers field technicians with basic drone skills to control multiple drones simultaneously, conducting autonomous field surveys and inspections. Data collected from these surveys is securely uploaded to vHive’s cloud platform, ensuring data privacy and security with stringent authentication and technical controls.

In addition, judges found that vHive’s AI-powered analytics are among the most advanced in the asset digitization space today. And as many players focus only on one aspect of the digital transformation, analysts stated that vHive’s cohesive, end-to-end solution “is vital to unify data and drive efficiencies.”

Rapid Technology Innovation, Driven by Client Needs

Judges looked for a company that follows a road map defined by customer needs. One of vHive’s distinguishing features is our client-centric approach to development. We carefully assess the pain points in the industries we serve and tailor our solutions to address their unique requirements. By adopting an agile development process, vHive quickly transforms innovative ideas into practical solutions. Since releasing our first product, we’ve continually provided updates and new features to keep up with customer needs and remain at the forefront of digital twin technology.

Earning Client Trust

vHive’s commitment to its clients goes beyond technology. We value a customer-centric approach through every step of our engagement, ensuring seamless product integration and personalized demonstrations. With non-disruptive integration processes, vHive enables clients to utilize its platform quickly and easily. Dedicated account managers and a user-friendly interface further enhance the client experience.

Frost & Sullivan says: “Through the years, the company has earned a sterling reputation supporting clients’ path towards digitizing enterprise assets.” We are honored to have earned that reputation and trust.

Positioned for Growth

Over the years, vHive has solidified its position as a preferred partner in the industry. Strong partnerships and collaborations have allowed us to expand our reach and offer a holistic ecosystem to our customers. Through close relationships and ongoing client engagement, vHive continuously evolves its solutions to stay ahead of industry trends.

Price/Performance Value

Perhaps most important to us in establishing company direction is a focus on creating value for our customers: and analysts evaluated our digital twin solution from that perspective. vHive’s platform supports a broad set of applications that generate a significant impact for its customers. With a clear understanding of the KPIs most important to our clients, the vHive solution offers a measurable return on investment (ROI) across multiple use cases.

We are proud that vHive’s innovative use of cutting-edge technologies, client-centric focus, and value have earned the 2023 Enabling Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan this year.

“Frost & Sullivan analysts conclude that vHive truly stands out from competitors based on its commitment to innovation and creativity, and its ability to launch new solutions with multiple applications and a far-reaching impact,” says the report.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we commit to sustaining our position as an industry frontrunner.

Read the full report from Frost & Sullivan to see how vHive performed against all of their selection criteria.

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