Unlocking New Levels of Profitability with vHive’s Vertical Space Analytics Feature

Unlocking New Levels of Profitability with vHive’s Vertical Space Analytics Feature

28 Sep 2023 Written by Naomi Stol Zamir

In the fast-paced world of the telecom industry, staying ahead of the curve requires innovation, accuracy, and strategic planning. However, one of the most persistent challenges Tower Companies (TowerCos) face is the lack of reliable and up-to-date data on their tower assets. This deficiency not only hampers their operational efficiency but also impacts their ability to make informed strategic decisions about tower optimization and revenue opportunities.

Introducing vHive’s Space Analytics

Digital Twin platforms provide powerful tools to address this challenge by offering accurate data and targeted business insights that can propel TowerCos to new levels of profitability. Coupled with AI powered analytics tools, Digital Twins can clearly identify new revenue opportunities and pathways to meeting key objectives and adapting to shifting business landscapes.

vHive’s new Vertical Space Analysis introduces stakeholders with an additional dimension to understand their tower portfolio, automatically illuminating available space within the vertical structure of the tower and allowing the user to explore the total amount of free space, as well as the height range for each area.

This game-changing capability directly addresses the need to optimize revenue per tower and improve tenancy ratios, granting tower owners an instant and comprehensive overview of their asset’s potential profitability, empowering them with the insights they need to orchestrate effective changes and achieve their strategic goals.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the key benefits Tower Vertical Space Analysis introduces.

Discover New Revenue Opportunities

As the tower industry evolves, TowerCos are adapting by identifying new revenue opportunities to enhance profitability. These revenue strategies all rely upon utilizing available tower space that translates into additional equipment, ultimately resulting in higher revenues. As TowerCos explore new lines of business, an accurate space assessment is critical to evaluating the viability of these ventures.

Improve Tenancy Ratio for Elevated Productivity

Perhaps the most significant advantage of vHive’s Vertical Space Analysis capability is its potential to boost tenancy ratios—a pivotal metric in the telecom industry. Tenancy ratio refers to the number of tenants on a cell tower, and higher ratios translate to increased revenue and asset productivity. By equipping TowerCos with a detailed understanding of where an additional level/RAD can be added, vHive empowers them to optimize the tower’s layout, allowing them to engage with a new MNO, install new equipment and maximize tenancy ratio. This leads to a substantial increase in revenue generation and a more efficient utilization of resources.

Easily Collaborate with MNOs and Stakeholders for Faster Approvals

vHive’s Vertical Space Analysis tool along with an easy-to-use simulation modeling software, provides an opportunity to streamline the planning and approval process of changes on the tower, getting to revenue faster. Users from different departments and external stakeholders can collaborate through a shared view of the space, using the common visual understanding provided to communicate effectively on proposed changes and possibilities. When all parties have the relevant data available, decision-making and approvals are faster.

In the dynamic world of telecom, information is power. vHive’s Vertical Space Analysis capability enables TowerCos and MNOs to make informed decisions that drive profitability and efficiency. vHive Space Analytics, combined with our flexible 3D simulation environment, has transformational potential: paving the way for more effective remote planning sessions, streamlined approvals, and ultimately, increased asset productivity.

As vHive continues to redefine tower digitization, the telecom industry is poised to embrace a future where data-driven insights lead to new revenue opportunities and yet-undiscovered growth strategies.

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