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TowerXchange Europe: After 2 Years, Vendors and Customers Meet Face to Face- Part 2

26 May 2022 Written by Sharon

Our Top Takeaways

After 2 years of events limited by COVID restrictions, the international tower community met face to face at TowerXchange, one of the industry’s most prestigious events.  As a gold sponsor, vHive hosted a steady stream of customers and partners in the exhibit hall and participated in thought leadership panels on Digital Twins and Digitization and Automation.  (Panel “Are digital twins set to become the norm in tower management?” Data focus group, “The digitalization and automation efforts delivering tangible results.”). Here are our answers to the questions we heard most.

Where to Start with Digitization?

vHive’s participation in the Data Focus Group on Digitization and Automation highlighted that even though Digital transformation is challenging, customers understand that there is a shift in the way to approach these projects.

At this session, customers said that their organizations have undergone a major change in project implementation mindset.  IT, Infrastructure and Operations departments are no longer willing to pursue multi-million-dollar projects that may require years to implement.  Now, companies are looking at lower cost and more agile cloud-based solutions: and they’re starting small.  Companies are implementing new solutions in a single area, capturing the low-hanging fruit that will offer the most bang for the buck, and then expanding solutions into additional areas in the company.

Customers also said that while ROI is still important, a single ROI number and a solid business case is not the only factors in selecting a vendor.  TowerCos aren’t looking for one killer use case, but a Digital Twin solution that can bring value and efficiencies throughout an organization.

After listening to TowerCos still planning a digitization project and those who have already expanded their programs across departments, there is a clear message: TowerCos should “just do it”: define a starting point and jump into the digitization water.  Digitization and Digital Twins are here to stay, and the technology is mature, stable and tested.  Companies who are at the forefront of adoption now have a competitive edge in an increasingly challenging market.

At vHive, we work to remove barriers to entry and to provide our customers with a comprehensive Digital Twin solution: a one-stop shop so that companies can get started easily and realize the insights that Digital Twins provide as quickly as possible.

We’ll be at the TowerXchange Americas in July – we hope to see you there!

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