TowerXchange Africa 2022

TowerXchange Africa 2022

13 Sep 2022 Written by Sharon

Next month, the African tower industry leaders will come together for the Annual TowerXchange Meetup Africa (11-12 October, 2022).

In the last three years the African telecom tower industry has seen significant changes.

Join vHive at the event, we will love to host you in booth #204.

TowerXchange Africa 2022

Yariv Geller, vHive’s CEO will be participating in working group 3A: How would life be different at Digital TowerCo?

TowerCos have invested significantly in their site monitoring and remote-control capabilities but remain a long way from where they would like to be. This session will bring together established and new TowerCos to take a break from the day-to-day to reimagine what it is they want from asset digitization, what problems they’d like to solve and what doors they would like opened by technology.

This session will address the following issues:

  • What problems does a digital twin solve for you in your day-to-day work?
  • Where should AI systems make decisions and where should managers retain control?
  • Which reporting processes are too manual and where can automation ease those burdens?
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