TowerCo Deals: Accurate Field Intelligence Ensures Successful M&As

TowerCo Deals: Accurate Field Intelligence Ensures Successful M&As

19 May 2020 Written by vhive_hadar

As the telecommunications industry matures, more companies are struggling to grow during a time when they feel pressure to upgrade and roll out their networks. These companies are finding the answer for further value creation in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and joint ventures.

In the past year, there has been a global vibrant M&A scene resulting in transactions within the TowerCo industry, creating benchmarks for TowerCo’s consolidation. These deals to spin off existing, build new or combine infrastructures can create synergies for better infrastructure utilization. These transactions significantly expand the buyers’ footprint in the regions and position them to take even better advantage of the growth opportunity as mobile technology is deployed to serve millions over the coming years.

When exploring the deal details, numerous questions arise:

  • Do the inventory reports given to the potential buyer, reflect the actual field inventory?
  • When combining infrastructure assets, is the buyer maximizing the ROI per asset?
  • How do the TowerCos maintain trust with their customers, Telcos? Is the billing based on accurate, detailed source of information? or is the billing process a negotiable one?

In M&As, tower companies must depend more than ever on a rapid, accurate and in-depth understanding of their new asset base to be successful and maintain profitability.

Solution: vHive’s enterprise drone hive software brings the TowerCo’s a piece of mind

vHive’s software empowers field technicians to deploy autonomous drones with a click of a button, collecting high resolution data to generate field intelligence in a fraction of the time and cost resulting in actionable business insights. vHive’s software answers the questions raised above by providing digital twins to the assets resulting in high-resolution imagery, annotation and tagging capabilities, highlighting the gaps between the inventory reports (paperwork) and field assets (on-site).

Capabilities such as navigation in 3D space, comparison over time, interactive 3600 virtual tours deliver a detailed, consistent and qualitive knowledge base of their assets.  TowerCos can rapidly retrieve data from the field and interact with it faster. Powerful analytical tools enable quick conclusions and decisions.

vHive can simplify these complex M&A deals by bringing accurate field data, resulting in improved business insights in a short period.

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