The Next Frontier for Mobile Network Operators: vHive’s Revolutionary MNO Offering

11 Oct 2023 Written by vhive_hadar

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) face several business challenges today. Amid the imperative to slash operating costs, MNOs are working to expand their networks swiftly to meet the escalating demand for 5G connectivity, and uphold peak network performance to maintain their competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive and dynamic landscape.


To overcome these challenges, major advances in data analytics, artificial intelligence, network equipment, and other technologies that have already rewritten the industry’s winning formula for TowerCos, are now available for MNOs. The groundbreaking Digital Twin software solution by vHive emerges to redefine the way MNOs navigate their challenges, tailored specifically for their unique demands.


vHive’s Digital Twin solution for MNOs, is a technology that autonomously captures data, applies advanced AI analytics, and employs intuitive 3D simulations to revolutionize network management. It empowers Mobile Network Operators to optimize equipment layout on towers, simplify installation processes, and glean invaluable insights that were previously out of reach.


The era of Digital Twins: now available for MNOs

Digital Twins are not just about digitization; they’re about the convergence of data, physical assets, and cutting-edge intelligence to visualize, analyze, simulate, predict, and understand assets and processes. vHive’s autonomous drone technology enables enterprises to gather precise data to construct digital twins of assets— posing as the single source of truth about what exists in the field.


From accurate inventory management and antenna mounting to streamlining co-location processes, network upgrades, and new installations on existing towers, vHive’s MNO Offering is a versatile ally for Mobile Network Operators.


Here’s how it works

Autonomous Data Capture:

The MNO Offering begins with a comprehensive survey powered by autonomous auto-discoveryTM drone technology that focuses on the specific level (RAD) of interest. This approach revolutionizes the ability to capture data, enabling an optimal amount of accurate data, systematically, easily, and at scale. It removes the complexity and limitations of manual data collection, by using low-cost, off-the-shelf drones controlled by a powerful software platform, setting the stage for accurate digital twin creation.



The value of a 3D reality model expands exponentially when AI-powered analytics are applied. By analyzing the captured data, the platform identifies installed equipment, such as panels, RRU, MW, and more, providing a detailed inventory, as well as highlights empty mounts and space. AI algorithms optimize coverage aspects, detailing skews, distances between equipment on the same level, and comparing ‘As-Built’ vs. ‘As-Planned’ configurations. The result is a wealth of valuable insights to enhance network performance.



Equipment simulation capabilities unlock a new era in planning and installation, allowing users to leverage a 3D simulation environment to simulate “as planned” scenarios by adding, removing, and modifying equipment from flexible equipment libraries, including new components like boom, sector, and mount. Users can even simulate EME plume, highlighting electromagnetic fields (EME) based on equipment make and model. The simulation substantially reduces the need for expensive site visits, ensuring precise installations and streamlining the co-location process.


How MNOs Benefit from the vHive Digital Platform

vHive’s Digital Twin platform brings a host of transformative benefits to Mobile Network Operators, addressing key challenges and providing measurable value from day one. Explore how our platform enhances various aspects of your operations:

Optimize Network Coverage:

Capture RAD level and compound data autonomously, elevating equipment layout on the tower with AI-powered analytics. Gain precise inventory analysis, optimizing network coverage and ensuring optimal performance.

Shorten Time to Insights:

Leverage a fully automated workflow for swift retrieval and immediate action upon digital field data. Our powerful analytical and visualization tools enable faster decision-making, significantly reducing the time to valuable insights.

Simplify & Expedite Co-Location Processes:

Streamline equipment installation and approval with intuitive and collaborative tower simulation software. Simplify sharing and multi-stakeholder planning, easily monitoring site installations and comparing As-Built vs As-Planned configurations.

Accelerate 5G Expansion:

Customize and optimize your tower equipment effortlessly with vHive’s simulation environment. Harness our multi-versioning simulation for flexible planning scenarios, accelerating your 5G expansion with efficiency.

Save Costs:

Reduce operational expenses through autonomous tower surveys, eliminating costly site visits with precise installations. Save valuable time and resources by transitioning from PDFs and siloed processes to streamlined workflows on a single digital platform.

Ensure Accurate Billing:

Ensure precise billing processes between MNOs and Tower companies with vHive’s Digital Twin platform serving as the single source of truth. Minimize discrepancies and streamline financial transactions for accurate and efficient billing processes.

Enhance Safety:

Transform tower inspections with drones to enhance safety for personnel by keeping them on the ground. This innovative approach reduces the inherent risks and costs associated with traditional tower climbing, prioritizing safety in your operations.


The vHive Promise: Redefining MNO Success

vHive’s MNO Offering is not just a tool; it’s an end-to-end digitization platform with a proven track record in digitizing enterprise assets. It provides accurate, visual, and real-world insights that empower Mobile Network Operators to make informed decisions, drive efficiency, and unlock the full potential of their networks.

Reach out to see how vHive’s Digital Twin for MNOs can simplify workflows, solve persistent problems, and help clarify the future roadmap for your company.

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