Telco and Tower companies are focused on deploying, operating and maintaining telecom infrastructure. Their performance is based on their capability to maximize revenue and reduce operational cost from their assets. The need to inspect, measure and check towers for inaccuracies is the foundation of their on-going operations. With a vibrant M&A scene and the emergence of 5G, Tower companies depend more than ever on a rapid, accurate and in-depth understanding of their asset base to be successful and profitable.


The need to inspect, measure, check for inaccuracies on the tower is the base of the Tower companies on-going operations.
The emergence of 5G is driving increased inspection complexity with more sites in densely populated areas. Resulting in the need to inspect more sites, and more data to be collected and analyzed, all while increasing efficiency and reducing overall maintenance costs. TowerCos depend on these "digital twins" to get an in-depth understanding of their tower asset base to be successful and profitable.
A typical tower inspection requires tower climbers to climb very tall towers, take pictures and perform measurements while putting themselves in danger. This process is complex, takes long hours and requires several field personnel to be on site for safety.

Key Business Drivers


Provide an interactive, realistic 3D visualization of what planned sites will

look along with 360° line of site analysis, simplifying and shortening the regulatory approval process.


Infrastructure deals to spin off existing, build new or combine

infrastructures could create synergies from better infrastructure utilization. vHive’s enterprise software solution brings the TowerCo’s a piece of mind by giving a rapid, accurate and in-depth analysis of their asset base to be successful and profitable.

Cost and time reduction
  • Decrease field time immensely
  • Decrease number people required per inspection
  • Insurance costs eliminated
  • Removes need to revisit site (comprehensive data vs missed data by field technician)
  • Office time reduction (inspection, modeling, measurement…)
  • Effective preventative maintenance
On–going operations
  • Fully digitize asset base
  • Easy to search and compare over time
Revenue drivers
  • Revenue assurance: improved billing based on accurate data
  • New revenue streams: ability to sell data to Telcos

Tower Inspection Software Solution

vHive’s enterprise drone hive software solution for Towers is compatible with all the various shapes and sizes associated with it.
The tower inspection platform can perform autonomous missions for Guy Wired Towers, Monopole Towers, Lattice Towers, Rooftops and others.
The survey can be performed by a single drone or multiple drones shortening the time on-site.

Any Tower Type, Any Number of Drones

  • High resolution imagery
  • 3D models
  • Virtual Tour
  • High resolution imagery
  • 3D models
  • Virtual Tour
Guy Wire
  • High resolution imagery
  • 3D models
  • Virtual Tour
  • High resolution imagery
  • 3D models
  • Virtual Tour
  • High resolution imagery
  • 3D models
  • Virtual Tour

Key Use Cases

  • High resolution inspection of all/any tower areas
  • Drive preventative maintenance and problem identification
  • Equipment cataloging = improved customer billing
  • Interactive 360° Sphere
  • Precise measurement and understanding of equipment, geometry and mechanics
  • Drive safe tower real-estate allocation
  • Ensure proper alignment / Identify misalignment
  • Line of Sight analysis
  • Precise measurement and new site allocation in the sphere.
  • Drive precise tower real-estate allocation
  • Interactive Line of Sight
  • Virtual tour


typical industry numbers
40 %
increase in number of
assets surveyed per
5 %
had inventory inaccuracies,
translating into 1%
billing improvement
62 %
reduction in field
and time
67 %
reduction in office
work cost due to
accurate data
100 %
improvement in
employee safety

360° Panoramic View

vHive provides an interactive 360° Virtual Tour Spherical Panoramas that identify installed equipment and deliver a detailed, consistent and qualitive knowledge base of potential assets.
• 360º Virtual Tour: High-resolution spherical photos that allow to view details at each level, with one single shot. User can easily rotate and zoom in/out.
• An essential tool for new tower planning. Planners can assess Line of Sight to existing towers with no need to cranes or lift for manual photos.
• Line of Sight for existing towers: Users can ensure there are no obstacles between towers.

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