Navigating the Future: Key Takeaways from the TowerXchange Meetup MENA

Navigating the Future: Key Takeaways from the TowerXchange Meetup MENA

14 Feb 2024 Written by Sharon

In an era where technological advancements and strategic mergers are reshaping the telecommunications landscape, the TowerXchange Meetup MENA earlier this month in Dubai served as a pivotal gathering for industry leaders. The discussions highlighted not just the current state but the future direction of telecom infrastructure in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. 

Here are his insights into the transformative trends and strategic shifts dominating the sector in this region.

The Landmark TASC Towers Deal

The merger of Ooredoo, TASC, and Zain portfolios, spanning six markets and approximately 30,000 towers, stands as the event’s most significant announcement. TASC Towers, holding a minority share but gaining operational control, symbolizes a new era of collaboration and strategic management in the telecom tower industry.

Economic Resilience in M&A Activities

Despite global economic uncertainties, the MENA region’s telecom M&A landscape remains robust, driven by cash-rich buyers. This resilience underscores the unique attractiveness of the telecom infrastructure sector as a stable investment haven.

Strategic Movements in Saudi Arabia

The acquisition of 8,000 towers from Zain by new entrant LATIS, with a potential future acquisition by TAWAL, highlights strategic consolidation trends within the kingdom. This move, facilitated by ownership under the Public Investment Fund (PIF), reflects a broader strategic vision for the telecom sector in Saudi Arabia.

Sovereign Funds as Key Players

The continued dominance of sovereign funds in owning and financing TowerCos in the GCC poses a challenge to the entry of institutional investors. However, this trend also emphasizes the strategic importance placed on telecommunications infrastructure by the region’s governments.

A Shift Towards BTS and Organic Growth

Notable players in the African region are shifting their focus towards build-to-suit (BTS) projects and organic growth, signaling a strategic pivot from M&A activities. This approach reflects a maturing market that prioritizes sustainable growth and operational excellence.

The Pressure of 5G Rollout

The deployment of 5G networks is intensifying demands on power and space, presenting new challenges for tower operators. This development calls for innovative solutions to accommodate the next generation of telecommunications needs.

Slow Tower Carve-Outs in North Africa

North African Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) exhibit a cautious approach towards tower carve-outs, highlighting regional variations in strategy and possibly regulatory or operational challenges.


The TowerXchange Meetup MENA provided critical insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the telecom infrastructure industry in the region. From strategic mergers and acquisitions to the imperative of supporting 5G rollout and smart city developments, the event underscored the sector’s dynamic nature. As continues to monitor these developments, it’s clear that strategic innovation and collaboration will be key to navigating the future of telecommunications in the MENA region.

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