Breaking the Mold: Redefining Asset Analytics with Cutting-Edge Automation and AI

With unrivaled expertise in enterprise asset digitization, we understand the immense challenges poor data can have on your field operations and asset productivity. That is precisely why we’ve developed state-of-the-art analytics, driven by AI and computer vision algorithms – to help you gain better, higher quality data to achieve exceptional asset optimization.

Accelerate business insights. Help your assets prosper like never before.


One Digital Twin platform
for your entire asset portfolio

Access a comprehensive digital portfolio of your assets from anywhere, at any time, and get instant visibility into their condition and potential profitability. Filter by various criteria such as regions, asset types or equipment to gain portfolio-level and asset-level insights, and share them across departments based on a single source of truth.

vHive Analytics

Find hidden revenue opportunities
and make more of each asset

Give your sales and finance teams the information they need to maximize profitability on each asset, pinpointing untapped revenue drivers such as unutilized space, and detecting faults and inventory discrepancies for accurate value assessment.

vHive Analytics

Maximize operational efficiency
and reduce overall costs

Empower your operations teams with in-depth inspection insights to maximize efficiency in the field and reduce redundant site visits, ultimately leading to dramatic cost reductions per site.

vHive Analytics

Prolong asset longevity and
optimize each site’s productivity

Leverage inspection analytics such as automated fault detection, annotation and precise measurements to gain a comprehensive view of your asset health, and take proactive action for maintenance repairs, ensuring longevity and preventing degradation.

vHive Analytics

Explore Our Features

Inventory Analytics

  • Automated inventory identification
  • Inventory inspection
  • Skyview virtual tour
  • Smart portfolio filtering
  • Equipment library
  • Make & Model attribution
  • Tenant management
  • Contract discrepancy tracker
  • Inventory compare
  • Available space analytics
  • Unutilized mounts at a click
  • Export as CSV

Inspection Analytics

  • Smart inspection environment
  • Issue management
  • Severity filtering
  • Auto-fault detection
  • 3D issue display
  • Auto-report generation
  • Precision measurements
  • Annotations & comments
  • Tagging
  • Export as CSV

Space Analytics

  • Automated free space detection
  • Unutilized mounts at a click
  • Total available vertical space
  • Compound space analytics
  • Rooftop space analytics
  • Export as CSV

RAD Analytics

  • Auto sector identification Α, Β, C
  • As-built vs. As-planned
  • Deviation alert
  • Panel-to-panel distance
  • Skew analysis
  • Sector azimuth
  • One-click RAD analysis
  • Export as CSV

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