Digital Twin Software Solution


vHive’s end to end, cloud-based enterprise platform was created keeping the end users in mind.
vHive’s core technology is based on artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms that enable us to support large and complex projects in a wide range of verticals. The fully autonomous multi-drone technology captures all required field data in a short time period.
Based on the data captured throughout the years, vHive has developed a robust AI engine to support the operational and business needs of our enterprise customers.
These two cutting-edge technologies enabled us to provide a robust platform to support the end to end needs of our customers.

vHive Enterprise Drone Software Solution

vHive’s Digital Twin software solution provides you with a one stop shop for all your assets needs. From planning, executing,
processing, analyzing, visualizing, simulating and collaborating till receiving actionable business intelligence- all stored in one place.
Autonomous drone hives

Simply plan your drone mission, launch your drones with a press of a button and get fast and accurate results – all complexities handled.

Easy to use

vHive’s enterprise drone software platform was created by keeping the users in mind. No need to be an expert pilot to use the system.

Scalable solution

vHive’s solution supports projects of any size, the ability to scale beyond a single drone directly shortens the enterprises’ data lifecycle from acquisition to actionable insights.

Flexible operational models

Choose between your existing employees using low cost, off the shelf drones or outsource to vHive’s global field operations network.

Comprehensive analytical capabilities

vHive’s platform enables users to analyze assets to the smallest details. Clustering of data by types simplifies the inspection process and translates them into actionable business insights.


Enforces regulations, drones complete tasks without needing to put employees in danger.

Smart and Easy- as simple as 1,2,3…

Creating powerful multi-drone surveys is easy: In a few, very simple steps, define your area of interest and let vHive take care of all planning aspects: data sampling plan, flight plans, multi drone mission allocation, safety and regulation compliance.
Data acquisition

In order to create highly accurate 2D and 3D models of your field operations. vHive generates a data acquisition plan that consists of various image capture locations, altitudes and angles – all while taking into account the specific drones to be used and their sensors.


vHive’s enterprise drone software solution minimizes your time in the field by intelligently deploying multi-drone missions. Our cutting-edge algorithms evaluate your mission, recommend the optimal number of drones and their launch locations. The system can also simulate the impact changing recommended settings to what your fleet of mission dictate.


Avoiding “No Fly” zones. Enforce regulations such as maintaining visual line of sight, complying with altitude restrictions and avoiding no fly zones.

vHive autonomously, dynamically and safely flies multi-drone missions in real time. We ensure that you spend a minimal amount of time in the field.

Launching your fleet of drones is as easy as pressing a button. vHive assigns your drones to their individual tasks as they join or return from their mission, ensuring that all your required data is captured.

Adaptive and dynamic

The drones automatically collect data throughout their flight mission. Once the flight is complete, the information is automatically uploaded to vHive for immediate access and processing. Using AI capabilities and contextual awareness the results provided are accurate and in-detail elevating the enterprise data.

Auto discovery

Using contextual awareness, the drone obtains the site’s physical parameters in a simplified process.

Get rapid mission results in your browser. View, measure, calculate, analyze, simulate, share and collaborate with your organization using precise 2D maps, powerful 3D models and much more.
Auto processing

Data is automatically processed, and users can interact with 2D/3D models and 3600 Virtual Tours.

High resolution inspection

Additional functionalities such as measurements, tagging and annotations bring the models to life with rich features.

AI asset analytics and fault identification

Users can inspect, analyze and simulate all structural assets by type in a single view and ensure better and faster decision making based on operational insights.

AI-Powered Analytics

vHive’s provides scalable cloud-based data processing and analytics to automatically identify dimensions, items of interest and faults. These insights gain you a detailed understanding of physical assets and structures, with the highest-level accuracy.
After conducting thousands of surveys in various industry verticals, vHive has applied machine learning, computer vision and advanced analytics to generate intelligent 3D digital twins.
Our AI helps you manage large amounts of data in an effective way, generating insights for all aspects of your ongoing operations such as engineering, quality and business.


Inspection today puts people in danger. Whether it is climbing a tower, scaling scaffolds, hanging off the side of a bridge or needing to move heavy equipment throughout a worksite, Field staff need to get to unreachable places in order to sample data. Drones are a perfect solution in solving the 4Ds of inspection problems:

  • Dull: tediously acquiring large amounts of repetitive data
  • Difficult: capturing data that is simply unreachable by humans, from a birds eye view.
  • Dangerous: covering high towers, structures, bridges or any other place that risks human lives.
  • Dirty: going into contaminated areas (chemicals, RF and nuclear radiation) that are not suitable for people.

Guaranteeing safety by using autonomous drones decreases the risk for employee injuries, increases the visibility to high-resolution imagery and helps you identify, collaborate and take actions on business insights.

Features and Functionalities


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