Autonomous Solar Farms Inspection for Peak Power Production

Fast-Track Fault Resolution and Power Optimization with In-House Inspections

Effortlessly Perform DIY Inspections with Multi-Drone Technology

Maximize efficiency and data quality with multiple drones operating in parallel, ensuring comprehensive coverage of entire solar fields of any size and shape under the same sunlight conditions. Our patented Auto-Discovery™ and Multi-Drone technology enable frequent in-house inspections, slashing on-site time and improving power production through early issue identification and resolution.

Gain Immediate Insights for Faster Repairs and Higher Profits

Gain a complete view of power anomalies, their root causes, and their impact on power loss with vHive’s end-to-end solar digitization solution. Prioritize and expedite repairs, ensuring peak production performance. Our platform provides immediate insights, allowing you to filter issues by their type, location, and severity. This capability reduces the time to repair, minimizes operational costs, and ultimately maximizes your solar farm’s profitability.

Manage All Renewable Energy Assets in One Unified Platform

Manage both your solar fields and wind turbine farms from a single, integrated platform. vHive’s Digital Twin platform, powered by advanced AI analytics, offers a comprehensive overview and detailed drill-down capabilities into individual modules and sub-modules. Monitor anomalies’ evolution over time by using a unified source of truth, enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing performance across your entire renewable energy portfolio.

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