Automated Solar Inspection Software that Takes Solar Power to New Horizons

Achieve Optimal MW Output with Autonomous Drones

Effortlessly scan vast solar fields with autonomous multi-drone software

Maximize time utilization and coverage with an autonomous multi-drone software. It’s easy enough for anyone to perform thermal imaging inspections in the field, harnessing a single drone or multiple drones in parallel, without any need for team coordination. You can use off-the-shelf drones equipped with thermal cameras, saving time and resources on skilled staff and expensive hardware.

Precisely detect temperature anomalies with thermal imaging

Track the slightest changes in panel temperature, preventing panel underperformance. Our cutting-edge AI-based algorithms automatically highlight warm areas on the panels, providing pinpoint accuracy for effective decision-making in real-time. With fault detection generating valuable insights automatically, you gain the power to make informed choices and avert any electricity loss, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency of your solar fields.

Gain a holistic view of your entire portfolio in one central platform

Monitor panel-level and field-level performance in one centralized cloud-based platform acting as the single source of truth for all stakeholders, and foster seamless collaboration based on your solar field data insights. Easily share comprehensive data and reports with internal and external teams such as finance, operations, and OEMs and drive success across your entire portfolio.

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