Revolutionizing 3D Tower Planning for Unprecedented Simplicity

Introducing vHive’s Tower Information Modeling (TIM): Revolutionizing 3D Tower Planning for Unprecedented Simplicity

27 Dec 2023 Written by Naomi Stol Zamir

In vHive’s relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to setting new industry standards, we are proud to introduce the Telecom Information Modeling (TIM) solution. This transformative approach to tower planning seamlessly integrates the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

The TIM solution is a catalyst for unparalleled efficiency and strategic decision-making within the realm of telecom tower planning. It doesn’t merely provide a comprehensive, data-driven approach – it revolutionizes the very essence of how telecom companies manage and optimize their tower assets.

Imagine a simulation environment that not only simplifies but elevates the manipulation of equipment on the tower, drastically reducing process time and expediting the entire planning-to-installation timeline. With vHive’s TIM, the user experience is redefined, offering an unprecedented ease of use that empowers stakeholders, organizations, and teams. 

By offering a higher level of Detail (LOD 400), vHive’s TIM ensures a precise, single source of truth about every element in the field. This commitment to accuracy extends to the very core, with each piece of equipment thoughtfully assigned to a specific tenant, marked with detailed manufacturer and model information. The result? A digital representation of the tower that transcends existing standards, enabling new levels of analysis, planning, and optimization.

But benefits extend beyond the digital realm; vHive’s TIM capabilities are actively reshaping industry practices, from improving billing processes to streamlining co-location and enhancing overall development planning.  


The new TIM platform introduces a suite of features addressing industry challenges:

  • Equipment-related attributes
  • Export to IFC format
  • Support for multiple versions of simulation models
  • Tenant management features
  • Centralized equipment library

 Read on to learn how these latest features from vHive are assisting tower companies and MNOs to enhance their processes and achieve crucial targets. 


The 3D Simulation Environment: Beyond Reality Models

In 2023, vHive introduced a groundbreaking 3D simulation environment as part of its digital twin platform. This innovative feature allows users to visualize different configurations of a tower, enabling them to run “what if” scenarios such as removing panels, adding equipment, or editing information. The 3D reality model accurately reflects the field conditions, adding another layer to the digital twin concept. This visual interface streamlines change and colocation processes, making workflows more effective and shortening the time to change pre-approvals.

vHive’s Telecom Information Modeling (TIM) enhances the simulation environment by achieving a higher Level of Detail (LOD 400). This process assigns each piece of equipment to a specific tenant and marks it with the corresponding manufacturer and model information, ensuring a precise digital representation of the tower. The detailed information is then used for analytics and simulation, all managed in an open BIM format (IFC). 


vHive’s TIM Capabilities

The following enhancements are helping our customers streamline workflows and make interactions between all stakeholders more collaborative, efficient and productive. 

  1. Equipment-related attributes in the 3D simulation environment: Users can reposition, remove, or add site components to simulate, visualize, and share different configurations of the tower. Each equipment component in the 3D simulation environment has a sidebar containing the component’s attributes, such as dimensions, height, orientation, wind loading factor, and tenant.
  2. Export to IFC: Users can export 3D simulation models to IFC format, an open file format readable by most common CAD software packages. 
  3. Multiple versions of the 3D Simulation Models:Users can create and save multiple simulation versions, representing parallel drafts, projects, or views. These versions can be used to accelerate the communication and approval of proposed changes. They are saved in the vHive platform and can be exported in an IFC format.
  4. Tenant management:vHive has added capabilities to facilitate the management of tower tenants. Tenants are managed on a regional basis (for TowerCos that operate in multiple countries)  and can be allocated to specific equipment on the tower. Multiple equipment can be assigned to a tenant in one step.
  5. Equipment library:vHive’s new equipment library supports one centralized digital catalog with data related to the equipment. The equipment library provides easy access to essential information, enabling efficient management, maintenance, and utilization. The data includes manufacturer and model, equipment type, dimensions, weight, and EPA/FPA.


Advancements and Innovations: Real-time Problem Solving with vHive’s Digital Twin Platform

These advancements in vHive’s digital twin platform are set to revolutionize the way users interact with and manage their assets. vHive is actively working on introducing more new features to further enhance data-driven decision-making on assets. Among the upcoming capabilities is the integration of TIM data with external sources. 

vHive’s innovative Telecom Information Modeling (TIM) offering is not just changing the way we visualize and manage tower assets, but also providing immediate solutions to real-world problems. Join us on this transformative journey as we chart the course for a future where telecom tower planning reaches unprecedented heights.


Don’t miss the opportunity to leverage these advanced capabilities for your business. Reach out to vHive today to learn more about the new TIM functionality.

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