Pro-Tips To Stay Safe At Construction Sites

Pro-Tips To Stay Safe At Construction Sites

21 Feb 2020 Written by vhive_hadar

Construction work is one of the risky professions. Negligence by workers, unsafe worksite conditions, lack of personal protective gear, improper use of tools and lack of training are some of the common reasons for workplace accidents.

While the workers and fellow employees count on the company’s safety manager, safety should be company-wide and everyone’s responsibility.

Construction industry managers must strive to safeguard their employees, but workers do need to keep in mind a lot of do’s and don’ts when working in such hazardous conditions. Safety is not just an important thing, but the only thing to stay protected. This is especially true for operators who work with heavy machines like aerial lifts and cherry pickers.

It is crucial to understand the legal, financial and most importantly, personal consequences of an unsafe workplace. This is the reason successful company leaders implement training modules to maintain utmost safety at worksites. Check out four most effective tips to promote job site safety and reduce workplace accidents:

Sustain a State Of Alertness

Regardless of workers’ role and their experience level, they must be completely aware of the potential hazards. Inattentive workers are one of the biggest dangers in the industry because their mistakes can put everyone else at risk. Knowing the hazards and sustaining a state of alertness is probably the best way to mitigate risks and accidents. Any construction worker who has no concept of job site safety should not be allowed on the worksite.

Training and Preparedness

Training is paramount for job safety and also mandated by OSHA. Proper training and cherry picker certification can help reduce a variety of life-threatening incidents and hazards. This includes safe working with hazardous materials, preventing hearing loss, reducing exposure to fire hazards, working in tight spaces, correctly the usage of personal protective equipment (PPE), and more.

Have Good Communication with Everyone

One of the causes why accidents occur is because workers don’t know what to expect. Direct discussion and active communication with the supervisors about your daily goals and activities can cut down on unwanted surprises that can cause bodily harm.

Another great idea is to equip employees with devices, like headsets for walkie-talkies that allow fast and effective communication among all the workers. Clear communication with the team members not only speed up the project, but also keep everyone informed.

Use Proper Equipment

Personal protective equipment is one of the most overlooked things at construction sites and can have devastating consequences. For instance, most construction sites work with cement and building materials; there can be dust and debris flying through the air- this is why workers need to wear the right glasses to protect their eyes. Masks are other big safety accessories that will save you from getting any of those dust and dirt inside your mouth and lungs.

Workers should wear protective gear like boots, hard gloves, helmets, jackets and harness depending on the worksite they are in. These types of equipment ensure some level of construction site safety within the firm.

The only way to reduce the number of accidents is to promote awareness, training, and communicating ways to improve worksite safety!


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