Immediate Business Insights through Inventory Change Detection

Immediate Business Insights through Inventory Change Detection

10 Dec 2020 Written by vhive_hadar
The term “Digital Transformation” has become common and we hear how it can apply to virtually every part of a business’s operation. As it relates to enterprise asset inspection, there has been a flood of fast changing digital technologies such as aerial data from drones, thermal imagery, IoT sensors, artificial intelligence and more that are now becoming available.  So, the question is, how can these emerging technologies be leveraged to digitally transform asset inspection processes to solve Tower companies business challenges more effectively and at a lower cost?Tower companies are focused on deploying, operating and maintaining telecom infrastructure. Their performance is based on their ability to maximize revenue and reduce the operational cost of their assets. The need to inspect, measure and check towers for inaccuracies is the foundation of their on-going operations.

Throughout the past few years, TowerCos have accumulated large amounts of data about their field assets and throughout their digital transformation journey realized they need a platform that can support current needs and scale according to their business KPIs.

Inventory Change Detection Assists in Keeping Track of Equipment

TowerCos are sophisticated property owners with tenants constantly visiting sites to modify their installed equipment. The ability to track installed inventory and properly charge for its leased space is the core of TowerCos business. Keeping track of equipment changes is a daunting task, yet critical for capturing revenue and correctly billing customers. Inaccuracies lead to lost revenue and more importantly – the loss of customer trust due to erroneous charges.

vHive has introduced an innovative inventory change detection capability, based on sophisticated AI and computer vision data analysis algorithms. This new capability solves the TowerCos pain of keeping track of site inventory over time. This new and exciting functionality enables them to easily identify the changes that have been done to each site’s inventory. The vHive platform compares between two surveys and displays in 3D a summary of any equipment removed, added or changed over time including their location on the asset. This important functionality enables customers to improve their billing accuracy and secure revenue, ensure quality of service and improve their operational intelligence.

Inventory change detection -highlighted in yellow

Inventory Change Detection

TowerCos can now easily extract business insight such as: changes in equipment installed on their towers, detection of changes in alignment of equipment or overall tower integrity.

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