How We Benefit from Drone Automation During the COVID-19 Outbreak

How We Benefit from Drone Automation During the COVID-19 Outbreak

6 Apr 2020 Written by Sharon

We all feel the impact of the COVID-19 on our lives, our social obligations, our work environment is no exception. Critical Industries across the globe, such as Telecommunication and Construction companies are struggling to keep their employees safe.

Under this epidemic, these companies face new business challenges such as maintaining their existing infrastructure and accelerating its expansion to meet local demands. Due to market instability, companies are minimizing their capital and operational costs to secure success in the predictable future.

In this uncertain situation, drone data fills critical gaps, by enabling a fully automated workflow, essential employees can retrieve data from the field and interact with it faster, without leaving their safe environment. Powerful analytical tools enable quick conclusions and decision making.

Autonomous drones eliminate the need for having personnel on site to complete required activities.  A single field employee can deploy drones and acquire data autonomously. This technology ensures social distancing while enabling many others throughout the organization to review the digital data generated by the software, encouraging collaboration to ensure safe and smooth operations.

vHive’s end-to-end software solution for enterprises, enables companies full digitization of their field assets, including high-resolution imagery, annotation and tagging, resulting in better field insights in  less time.

We don’t really know what the future holds, but drone software technology can serve critical infrastructures to mitigate issues related to safety, productivity and reduce operational costs. Let us show you what the future holds and how the vHive platform can serve critical infrastructures.

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