How vHive's Digital Twin Technology Enhances Wind Turbine Portfolio Management

How vHive’s Digital Twin Technology Enhances Wind Turbine Portfolio Management

8 May 2024 Written by Naomi Stol Zamir

Wind farm management requires maintaining the health and efficiency of every turbine in the farm. Relying on legacy methods can make inspections, management, and understanding the granular details of every asset challenging.

Fortunately, digital twin technology can help wind farms better understand and manage their assets. vHive offers a leading-edge digital twin platform to help make management as seamless and error-free as possible. 

Our multi-pronged approach offers precise, autonomous drone inspections, an asset portfolio dashboard, and AI-driven analytics. We’ll break down the major features and how they benefit your wind farm—discover how we can bring your wind farm into the future.

Simplicity of Autonomous Data Capture

vHive’s digital twin software offers a simple yet effective way to capture wind turbine data, from inspections to asset mapping. Our autonomous drone software works with off-the-shelf drones to unlock the ability to carry out inspections without human involvement other than initiating the drones. 

After three simple steps on a tablet, vHive’s Auto-Discovery technology takes over and begins the inspection. Once activated, your drones autonomously inspect the turbine’s exterior and take high-quality photos at every step. Once they’ve completed the inspections, all drones return to where the process began.

Our data capture solution contributes to overall efficiency and accuracy in a few ways, such as:

  • Consistent data capture: Base your maintenance and repair schedules on data that was captured consistently throughout the wind farm. Legacy methods can produce inconsistency, affecting how turbines are maintained. Accurate and consistent data capture allows your teams to base decisions on uniform data.
  • Time and resource efficient inspections: Autonomous wind turbine inspections are a significant improvement in time, labor hours, and safety compared to legacy methods. Your teams don’t need to scale the turbine to closely evaluate its condition; vHive’s autonomous drone software handles the entire inspection process, resulting in major efficiency gains.
  • Ad hoc inspections when necessary: Thunderstorms, hurricanes, or unusual wind forces can all damage wind assets. Our data capture processes allow your teams to deploy to damaged turbines, initiate the autonomous drones, and start planning any necessary repairs — get your turbines back up and running as quickly as possible.

Additionally, the autonomous data capture process produces valuable information about your wind assets. This data can be leveraged with our AI-driven analytics software to enable predictive maintenance, which will create more significant gains in protecting the health of your turbines.

Portfolio Page as a Smarter Decision-Making Tool

How vHive's Digital Twin Technology Enhances Wind Turbine Portfolio Management

Our portfolio page gives you a bird’s eye view of every asset on the wind farm. From there, users can dive deeper into the analytics, reports, and other data about each specific wind turbine. 

Additionally, smart filtering capabilities also enable users to narrow down the assets they see within their dashboard without the tedium. For example, a technician planning a maintenance schedule can easily narrow down the portfolio page to only show turbines that require maintenance.

vHive’s digital twin wind turbine portfolio simplifies otherwise complex tasks. Technicians and administrators can quickly access the data they need when making decisions. Selecting an individual asset opens its own page with all necessary data, images, and notes about the specific turbine.

Ultimately, the portfolio pages enable efficient and accurate decision-making. Teams can quickly navigate all available wind assets to find the specific turbine or all turbines that meet specific criteria. They’ll be able to focus on the task rather than navigating confusing and complex asset information reports.

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Our AI-driven analytics dashboard equips your teams with potent and sophisticated data and projections to inform decisions, from when to conduct maintenance to buying more turbines.

vHive’s analytics can help your wind farm become more efficient and profitable in a few key ways:

  • Increase operational efficiency: Equip your teams with in-depth analytics about every site, the latest inspection, power generation, and expected maintenance, all without the need to visit the asset. As a result of our analytics dashboard, it will be much simpler to identify areas to cut costs, increase revenue, and minimize redundant tasks. 
  • Extend asset longevity: Each turbine’s overall lifespan plays an important role in operating costs and power generation. Prolonging life spans delay the expensive process of replacing the turbine while also minimizing output degradation as the turbine ages.
  • Identify revenue opportunities: You may be missing out on ways to boost revenue, whether that means unutilized space, anomalous output degradation, or undetected faults. The wealth of analytics provided by our platform allows managers and finance teams to stay on top of these possible opportunities. 

Rather than flooding users’ dashboards with a mountain of complex data, our platform generates high-level insights, trends, wind analysis, and projections at a glance. Users can then dive deeper into specific areas as necessary.

Exportable Reports

Our wind turbine inspection reports are a critical aspect of the platform. These reports give precise breakdowns of the data captured during autonomous inspections, including the following:

  • Overall site information so anyone reviewing the report knows precisely which area the report is describing.
  • Asset information that provides details about the specific turbine, rather than only the site information.
  • A summary of the faults identified during the inspection.
  • Detailed breakdown of each fault listed in the summary.

These exportable reports allow any technician, engineer, admin, or manager to open the report and be able to understand the current state of the specific given — all without additional information. 

We’ve designed our reports so they don’t require additional connection to the digital twin software, nor do they overload the reader with a data dump. 

Upgrade You Wind Farm Management with vHive’s Digital Twin Solution

Greater visibility into your wind farm portfolio creates significant benefits for the entire operation, from AI-driven insights to on-demand exportable reports. Your teams can accomplish workflows faster with a digital twin model, asset portfolio, and detailed analytics to make data-driven decisions.

vHive’s autonomous drone inspections and data capture ensure your digital twin platform is powered by consistently captured and accurate data from the field. This data can then power the rest of your operations, from predictive analytics to making informed growth decisions.

Don’t get left behind in the digital transformation of wind energy. Schedule a demo today to see how vHive’s Digital Twin can revolutionize your turbine portfolio management!

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