How vHive Helped Phoenix Tower International Purchase Hundreds of Towers Across the Atlantic

How vHive Helped Phoenix Tower International Purchase Hundreds of Towers Across the Atlantic

20 Feb 2024 Written by Naomi Stol Zamir

Unlocking Revenue and Expanding Portfolios: The Story of vHive’s Partnership with Phoenix Tower International

Our digital twinning initiatives have yielded an unprecedented surge in the quality of information we’ve gathered and integrating this data with PTI’s other software platforms, we’re witnessing transformative benefits across every facet of our operations. This initiative stands as a cornerstone in our overarching strategy to comprehensively digitize information throughout our organization.” 

Shylesh Moras, SVP of Operations at Phoenix Tower International.

In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, decisions need to be made swiftly and accurately. When Phoenix Tower International (PTI), a leading TowerCo, faced the challenge of purchasing a tower portfolio over 4,000 miles away, they turned to vHive for a groundbreaking solution.

In a pivotal moment during an M&A deal, time was of the essence for PTI. The need for accurate tower information was paramount, yet traditional methods fell short in providing the speed and precision required. They needed to make a decision without the luxury of time to conduct thorough on-site surveys, but without accurate tower information, they were essentially flying blind. 

That’s when vHive stepped in, offering a revolutionary solution 

Leveraging digital twin technology and AI-driven analytics, vHive enabled PTI to “see” the towers across the Atlantic with unprecedented clarity and speed.

By swiftly and accurately analyzing a substantial portion of the tower portfolio, vHive’s platform provided PTI with the insights needed to make informed decisions. They could now assess the condition of the towers, negotiate effectively, and plan for future maintenance and capacity needs.

The collaboration didn’t stop at the M&A deal 

It evolved into a dynamic partnership that spanned various departments within PTI. From lease management to legal compliance and sales strategies, vHive’s solutions became indispensable tools for PTI’s operations.

The results were transformative. PTI unlocked new revenue streams, optimized operational efficiencies, and ensured legal compliance. Inspired by this success, PTI set an ambitious goal to digitize 70% of its global tower portfolio by 2023.

Read the full story of how PTI’s partnership with vHive helped them to be positioned at the forefront of technological advancement in the tower industry, driving exponential growth and securing a prosperous future for their global operations.

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