Tower Mount Analysis

What is Tower Mount Analysis?

Tower mount analysis for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) refers to the meticulous process of evaluating the suitability and feasibility of installing telecommunication equipment, such as antennas, transmitters, 5G technology equipment, or other network infrastructure on telecom towers.

The primary objective of mount analysis is to ensure that the selected site can safely and efficiently support telecom equipment while minimizing any potential adverse impacts on the environment and local communities.

While most MNOs lease tower space from tower companies, they play a pivotal role in several facets of mount analysis, including assessing the structural integrity of mounting locations, adhering to local regulations and zoning laws, considering environmental implications, and evaluating the overall effect on network performance and coverage. Furthermore, MNOs are keen on identifying opportunities for expanding their network coverage.

How Does Tower Software Revolutionize Mount Analysis for MNOs?

MNOs now have the ability to gain deeper insights into the current utilization of existing towers and pinpoint prospects for additional space on these towers.

Cutting-edge tower mount analysis software has elevated the process of planning and engineering mounts for communication towers to a whole new level, enabling MNOs to optimize equipment placement with greater efficiency.

Streamlining Data Collection and Analysis

Efficiently collecting data on mounts and applying advanced AI-driven analytics are pivotal aspects of modern mount analysis. This approach automates antenna mount mapping, site audits, tower mapping, and inspections.

Ensuring Compliance and Assessing Capacity

Mount analysis also places significant emphasis on compliance with current industry standards, specifically those pertaining to wind loading for antennas and equipment weight. The analysis strives to identify potential weak points to ensure that the mount’s capacity is never surpassed, based on accurate data.

Urgency and Long-Term Savings

Today, mount analysis stands as one of the most pressing priorities within the cell tower industry. Executing precise and timely analyses is essential to guarantee that mounts perform optimally, providing a secure environment for valuable carrier equipment and field services personnel. Moreover, mount analysis offers substantial opportunities for long-term cost savings, a paramount consideration as subscriber growth plateaus and revenue becomes more vital than ever.

Efficiency and Future-Proofing

When mount analysis is executed thoroughly from the outset, the need for subsequent re-analyses is significantly reduced. This not only ensures the availability of comprehensive engineering documentation, but also facilitates a more agile response to forthcoming technological challenges. A comprehensive mount analysis identifies the extent of equipment wear and tear and prescribes the necessary modifications to foster cost-effective, secure, and intelligent solutions.

Carrier Accountability

Within the cell tower industry, the tower owner assumes responsibility for the tower structure and associated real estate, while the carrier bears responsibility for all installed equipment, including mounts. Consequently, MNOs must attain and analyze the most updated, accurate mount data.

In conclusion, tower mount analysis encompasses a wide array of critical factors, including automation, compliance, cost-efficiency, and carrier responsibility. Leveraging advanced tower software empowers MNOs to ensure that their network infrastructure is optimized, resilient, and cost-effective, culminating in improved services and heightened subscriber satisfaction.