Getting Started with Tower Digitization: vHive’s Guide to Best Practices

Getting Started with Tower Digitization: vHive’s Guide to Best Practices

31 Oct 2023 Written by Naomi Stol Zamir

The telecom industry is undergoing a seismic shift, with digital transformation at its core. The vHive Guide to Best Practices in Tower Digitization is the manual you’ll want to read whether you’re just starting out, or already in the midst of your digitization journey. Get insights that will redefine your understanding of asset digitization and digital twins, and save you time and money as you embark upon the process.


Now is the Time for Digitization for TowerCos

Digitization is critical for the competitive success of towercos. Asset digitization can improve tenancy ratios and increase revenue per site by streamlining tower maintenance processes and enhancing customer communications. Digitization allows tower companies to respond faster to changes in the operating environment, leveraging data to boost visibility, insights, and value generation.


Moreover, the telecom industry is undergoing a process of digitalization aimed at streamlining communication services, improving efficiency, and reducing costs. The pace of equipment upgrades is likely to accelerate as carriers roll out 5G, and digitization provides reliable timely visibility into what’s installed on their structures and what capacity for installing additional equipment remains. 


New competitors, higher investor expectations, and a rise in M&A and restructuring deals are putting pressure on tower companies to continue delivering strong returns. Digitization is not just an option, but a necessity for tower companies to stay competitive in the market.


Getting Started: the vHive Guide of Best Practices for Tower Digitization

vHive is an award-winning tower digitization company with a proven track record of elevating the telecom industry. Our experience and expertise are demonstrated through real-world case studies, showcasing the impact of our solutions on industry success.

Drawing from our extensive experience with a diverse range of towercos, we have crafted a comprehensive guide to help you thrive in the complex landscape by leveraging digital twins technology to make more of your tower portfolio. 


What’s Inside: A Sneak Peek

This guide is your key to smoothly transitioning to a digital organization. It provides proven strategies that have already transformed TowerCos into agile, data-driven powerhouses, consistently outperforming their peers. 


Here’s what you can expect:

  • Automate Key Steps: Learn how to automate key steps in your tower lifecycle to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Define Critical KPIs: Understand how to define critical KPIs to track your performance and measure success.
  • Implement Proven Strategies: Discover 5 proven strategies for successful digitization, including assessing digital readiness, setting specific goals, defining KPIs for success, and expanding internally.
  • Maximize Your ROI: Uncover ways to maximize your return on investment in tower digitization.

This industry-first guide introduces vHive’s best practices for a successful tower digitization journey, driven by the adoption of a phased, prioritized, and end-to-end framework. Dive in to explore more!


Download vHive’s 5 Best Practices for Tower Digitization Now

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