From Site Workflow to Revenue: The Impact of Integrating vHive’s Digital Twin with AMS

1 May 2024 Written by Naomi Stol Zamir

In the fast-paced world of the TowerCo industry, efficiency, accuracy, and speed are paramount. The integration of the vHive Digital Twin platform with Asset Management Systems (AMS) offers a revolutionary approach to managing tower portfolios, streamlining operations, and maximizing revenue. This blog post explores the significant value propositions of this integration, demonstrating how it:

  • Optimizes site and asset workflows
  • Accelerates site activations
  • Enhances data reliability

Optimized Site and Asset Workflows

The integration of vHive and AMS transforms how TowerCos handle site and asset workflows. By merging the strengths of both platforms, the industry can achieve remarkable improvements in operational efficiency and resource management.

  • Faster Inquiry and Colocation Response Times: With vHive’s intuitive map interface, users can quickly locate and select digital twin towers. The integration with AMS allows for seamless inquiry and colocation processes, reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Elimination of Errors and Dual Data Entry: The integration ensures that data is entered once and flows seamlessly between platforms. This eliminates the risk of errors associated with manual data entry and reduces the time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Increased Collaboration and Communication: The combined capabilities of vHive and AMS foster better collaboration among teams. Real-time data sharing and updates ensure that everyone involved in the project is on the same page, leading to smoother project execution and fewer misunderstandings.

Enhancing the Colocation Workflow

The colocation process is a critical aspect of the TowerCo industry and showcases the tangible benefits of an integrated platform.

Step-by-Step Colocation Process – with Digital Twin Integration Benefits

  1. Request for Information: Integration with the vHive Digital Twin platform significantly smooths the workflow of this step. When a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) inquires about expanding coverage in a specific location, users can easily search the vHive portfolio page. The map interface allows for quick identification of digital twin towers in the desired area, simplifying the initial inquiry process.
  2. Approval in Principle: Using the digital twin, users can detect free space and unutilized mounts. vHive’s simulation model helps plan new equipment installation and predict RF coverage. Adjustments can be made to improve EME, and a new simulation version can be created. An IFC file of the planned site can be generated, and a structural assessment performed using integrated tools.
  3. Detailed Design: Detailed design work can proceed with confidence, knowing that the initial assessments and simulations are accurate. This step benefits from the accurate and up-to-date data provided by the digital twin.
  4. Facilities Access: Granting facilities access is streamlined with accurate site data. All stakeholders can be assured that the necessary preparations and safety assessments have been thoroughly conducted.
  5. Construction Access: After construction and installation, the vHive integration significantly simplifies the site survey process. Drones can be used via vHive’s mobile application to create an updated digital twin of the tower. Inventory analytics help visualize changes, and an “as-built” model can be compared to the “as-planned” simulation.
  6. End Process: The final step involves verifying that all construction and installation work meets the planned specifications. The digital twin provides a comprehensive view of the completed site, ensuring that all details are accurate and up-to-date.

Sites and Leases on Air Faster, Boosting Key Performance Indicators

Streamlining workflows like colocation combined with the enhanced data accuracy that integration offers results in shorter project cycle times. Sites can be brought online more quickly, improving KPIs: accelerating cash flows and improving tenancy ratios. By reducing the time it takes to get sites up and running, TowerCos can realize revenue sooner and reinvest in further growth.

With accurate digital twins and efficient project management, the need for physical site visits is also minimized. This reduces truck rolls, cutting down on costs, fuel consumption, and environmental impact.

Ensuring Accurate and Clean Data

The integration of digital twin platforms with AMS platforms provides TowerCos with reliable and consistent data, enhancing confidence in decision-making and reducing operational risks. Consistent and accurate data across both platforms gives TowerCos a clear view of their entire portfolio. This visibility is crucial for strategic planning and risk management.

With reliable data, TowerCos can generate precise reports that reflect the true state of their assets. This accuracy is essential for regulatory compliance and financial reporting. Additionally, by ensuring that all site data is up-to-date and accurate, the integration helps prevent revenue leakage, ensuring TowerCos can be confident that they are capturing all potential revenue opportunities and preparing to be on the forefront of new opportunities as they arise.

Overcoming Current Challenges

Currently, data ingestion into an AMS is a very manual process, often based on simple data spreadsheets and manual inputs from various departments. This approach is prone to inconsistencies, errors, and incomplete data. Traditional API integrations with ERP systems often suffer from the “garbage in, garbage out” risk.

The vHive and AMS integration addresses these challenges by providing:

  • Updated and Accurate Asset Inventory: This integration ensures revenue assurance through indisputable billing by maintaining an updated and accurate asset inventory.
  • Enhanced Asset Visibility: Detailed data on asset conditions allows for better asset tracking and management, improving overall asset visibility.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Rich data insights from the integration impact strategic planning and decision-making, optimizing asset utilization and resource allocation.
  • Improved Decision-Making: Access to comprehensive asset information facilitates better decision-making, leading to optimized resource allocation and utilization.
  • Cost Savings: The synergy between vHive and AMS leads to cost savings through better resource allocation and optimized asset maintenance.
  • Scalability: Companies can efficiently manage a digital asset portfolio, scaling their operations as needed.
  • Collaboration and Communication: The integration ensures that all stakeholders have access to a single source of truth, improving collaboration and communication across departments.
  • Environmental Sustainability: By reducing the need for site truck rolls and climbing risks, the integration supports environmental sustainability initiatives.

The integration of the vHive Digital Twin platform with Asset Management Systems offers unparalleled benefits to the TowerCo industry. By optimizing site and asset workflows, accelerating site activations, and providing reliable data, this integration empowers TowerCos to achieve greater efficiency, increased revenue, and enhanced operational confidence.

As the industry continues to evolve, embracing innovative solutions like the vHive and AMS integration will be crucial for staying competitive and meeting the growing demands of connectivity and infrastructure. With this powerful combination, TowerCos can manage and monetize their tower portfolios more effectively, driving growth and success in the digital age. Contact vHive today to learn more about our leading digitization platform.

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