Field Operations: Insourcing vs. Outsourcing

Field Operations: Insourcing vs. Outsourcing, the Right Choice for Your Business

16 Mar 2021 Written by vhive_kue843

Drone data and insights have become a critical competitive advantage for industry.  Autonomous drone inspections of cranestelecom towersconstruction equipment and more allow companies to create a database of trusted, shareable, digital data – data that can be used to make the important decisions that drive profitability and expansion.

What’s the best way for enterprise organizations to get started with drone data?  Whether you take field operations inhouse or decide to outsource the process, your business can benefit.  At vHive, we’ve worked with companies who operate with their own staff, and those who choose to outsource the field operations and simply access the data.  There are advantages to both methods: read on to decide which model is best for your business.

Insourcing Field Operations

Autonomous platforms like vHive’s make it easier than ever before to bring drone operations in-house.  An enterprise field technician who may already be on-site can easily plan surveys, execute the survey with a press of a button, and the drone autonomously starts capturing data. The data is processed into 3D models, digital twins of field assets, including high-resolution imagery, and more.  The vHive platform allows customers to use low-cost and easily available off-the-shelf drones.  There are many advantages to insourcing.  Companies maintain complete control over their operations from start to finish, ensuring safety procedures and compliance with company requirements. With fully automated and digitized workflows, an in-house operation can shorten the time it takes to get usable drone data insights.  Insourced programs can be less expensive, offering opportunities for companies to take advantage of economies of scale.

Economies of scale and scope increase as drone use increases throughout the enterprise.  If your organization wants to expand their employees’ toolset and use drones to perform a variety of routine work; if the company already has systems in place to manage hardware and field operations; and if complete control and flexibility is of primary importance, insourcing may be the best choice.

Outsourcing Field Operations

If insourcing isn’t the best option for your organization right now, outsourcing field operations is an equally good option.  vHive has helped enterprises around the world to take advantage of digital twins by working with a global network of licensed drone operators to perform autonomous drone inspections.  vHive’s autonomous  drone inspection software determines the most effective flight for the asset being surveyed: drone operators don’t need to be subject matter experts in your business to gather good digital data.  Data is processed on the vHive cloud and delivered seamlessly to stakeholders in the organization.  Customers get the benefits of interactive, digital twins of their assets and drone data insights without ever having to fly.  Licensed drone operators provide their own training, certification, insurance and hardware: businesses simply make use of the digital insights generated.

When your business chooses to outsource field operations, vHive provides a full turnkey solution, letting you focus on what matters to your enterprise.  vHive’s end to end solution takes care of all aspects of operation: from field operations and execution, through processing, to digital twins and insights..

If your company doesn’t have staff available wherever your field assets are or want to focus on the digital twins and insights, outsourcing may be the best choice.  For enterprise organizations that are accustomed to utilizing outsourced resources and want to access drone data insights without managing hardware, risk, and operational procedures for drone operators, outsourced field operations offer a fast and easy way to bring drone data to stakeholders.

Getting Started Now

Whether you decide to bring operations in-house or to outsource drone operations, it’s time for your business to begin benefitting from digital drone data.  From autonomous drone inspections to digital twins of assets in the field, drone data is driving better decision-making, better project development, and better profitability.  Decide whether insourcing or outsourcing field operations is right for your enterprise; or start off with a mix of the two: but call us today to begin your program.

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