Features and Functionalities

User friendly and intuitive mission planning
User provides minimal information about your subject of interest.
Automated data acquisition plan
System automatically creates an acquisition plan, taking into account Photogrammetry and drone camera parameters.
From single to multiple drones
vHive supports autonomous multiple drone flights of your choice (you can start from a single drone or add more) collaborating on the same mission.
Mission profiles
vHive supports multiple profile types for easy planning of complex structures, such as: Area survey, Tower survey, Linear survey, Half-pipe survey, Crane survey and more
3D mission review
3D interface for mission planning enables accurate mission planning taking into consideration any obstacles (buildings/ no fly zone/ terrain)
User restricted Fly zone limits
Create own custom No-Fly Zone (NFZ) where flights are prohibited, vHive will automatically calculate flight path around NFZ areas and ensure the drone does not fly in restricted areas
Geo-referenced layer creation
Create quick map overlays for precise mission planning
Field Execution
Fully autonomous flight
Launch a single or multiple drones with a press of a button, no intervention required during the entire mission.
Auto Discovery
AI based, auto identification of surveyed asset.
Battery swap during surveys
vHive enables to fly long/ complex surveys with the possibility to stop the mission, swap batteries and continue the flight from where it left off.
Automated field guidance
Automated field guidance on optimal and safe drone deployment
Auto-image location identification
Auto-match of image in 3D space during each upload.
Telemetry player
All telemetry data of the flight is being recorded and flights can be replayed along with notifications regarding events during the flights.
Data product generation
Automated workflow for generation of a variety of data products.
Data Products
Image navigation in 3D space
Move between adjacent high resolution images in 3D space, to visualize your object of interest from multiple angles.
2D maps
Creation of ortho-rectified 2D image maps (orthophoto)
3D models
Creation of 3D point clouds and Meshes
Automatic Ground Control Points (GCP) detection
AI identification of GCPs (saving manual tagging in each image)
Virtual Tour
Collection of interconnected interactive panoramic spherical view
Comparison of mission over time
Capability to analyze the same mission over two different time stamps.
Rapid asset retrieval
Each survey and mission can be searched easily.
Provide Enterprise operational reports
Annotation and Tagging
Users can add annotation and tags. Auto and manual tagging, exported to report generation
Auto-object detection
AI detection and tagging of objects of interest.
Each survey can be measured in 2D or 3D (location, slopes, angles, area, volume, azimuth)
Enterprise grade security
Enterprise grade data and access security.
Cloud based platform
The system can be accessed and used through any internet connected device.
Localization support
System supports multiple languages (according to need).
Email support
Part of vHive’s annual package
Phone support 8*5
Request a support package
24*7 support
Request a quote
Product updates
vHive’s cloud-based platform provides on-going updates as part of your annual subscription.

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