Ensuring Fidelity with Autonomous Data Capture for Digital Twins

Ensuring Fidelity with Autonomous Data Capture for Digital Twins

4 Nov 2021 Written by Sharon

Digital Twins have significant value to offer enterprise companies today – and great future potential, as IoT frameworks expand. The value of digital twins, however, relies upon the entire process of creation: from mission planning to integration with other systems. Here, we discuss Autonomous Data Capture: a primary component ensuring the accuracy and functionality of digital twins.
In an article outlining the business potential for digital twin technology for IoTWorldToday, author Jack Vaughan points out that the accuracy of the model is key to its value: and that accuracy starts with data capture. “Successful implementation relies on careful consideration of fidelity; that is, the level of precision of parameters that a digital twin transfers between the physical and virtual domains,” writes Vaughan. “…Fidelity is closely related to the accuracy of digital twin data collection, which must be carefully managed based on use case.”
At vHive, we believe that for digital twins to offer optimal accuracy and optimal value, providing a single source of truth throughout an organization, data capture must be autonomous. vHive offers the most advanced autonomous data capture available: systematic, easy, predictable, and scalable.


The vHive solution ensures the process of data acquisition is consistent and methodical throughout. Training of new field operators is rapid and based upon a well-established process, providing flexibility in adding new resources. Campaign management is well integrated into the system, providing a clear understanding of work required and proper field operations planning. Using vHive’s autonomous flight technology, the quality of data captured is not operator dependent: it is assured by the system. Proper upload of the data is also handled by the system: vHive ensures that data is properly associated with the capture plan dataset, preventing erroneous uploads of data.


Ease of use is imperative for accuracy in data capture and for scalability, and vHive has made ease a focus of our solution. After a 1.5-hour training session, a non-experienced user can successfully complete what would otherwise constitute a highly complex surveying task. There is no manual drone piloting required: from launching a drone by clicking a button to safe landing, the user only interacts with a mobile application and follows a wizard type interface. Users can also define no fly zones to avoid flight in restricted areas when needed. vHive’s autonomous flight technology guarantees quality results and accurate data from non-expert users, in minimal time. This means that in many cases customers’ field technicians operate drones as an autonomous data capture tool as they visit a site for other activities. This approach generates tremendous value and cost savings for customers.


The output of vHive’s autonomous data capture is consistent and predictable: without regard to the site or the drone operator. The vHive data acquisition algorithms ensure a unique data capture of photogrammetric datasets with up to a 1mm resolution, ensuring industry leading 3D reality models. vHive’s Auto-Discovery™ technology assists the drone to locate the precise location of the top of the tower, so that users do not have to rely on precise site coordinates and can still autonomously capture high resolution data. vHive is the only autonomous that captures any tower type out of the box: including monopole, self-support, rooftop, and guy-wire sites. vHive customers have successfully completed the acquisition of thousands of sites of each of these types with the same ease of use and predictable results.


At vHive, we believe that the value of digital twin technology will only increase. Autonomous data capture is one key element enabling companies to expand their use of the vHive solution without excessive additional cost or business disruption. All of the qualities mentioned above – systematization, ease of use, and predictability – contribute to the scalability of the solution. Onboarding new users is simple and fast, and the hardware required is inexpensive and easy to acquire, unlike customized systems with manufacturers waiting lists. vHive’s autonomous data capture solution makes intelligent use of low-cost, off-the-shelf hardware.  vHive recommends the use of equipment that can be purchased in volume, anywhere around the globe. Equipment that delivers the right balance between cost and quality delivers impactful results – and enables our customers to minimize capital expenditures.

Accurate Digital Twins Solve Real Problems

Digital Twin and drone technology are impressive: but technology isn’t the point. The point is to solve real business problems: inventory control, site evaluations for acquisitions, accurate billing, and more. vHive’s advanced autonomous data capture ensures the current – and future – value of digital twins, providing the fidelity required to optimize a digital strategy.

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