Digitization Driven by Autonomous Data Capture

Generating Cross-Departmental Value with Digitization Driven by Autonomous Data Capture

22 Mar 2022 Written by Sharon

The vHive platform offers drone-based autonomous data capture that provides tower companies with precise digital twins of their assets and other important insights. This digital data has the power to transform a business, generating value across an entire organization. From the safety and consistency of the data capture solution to the insights provided by digital twins, the vHive platform offers benefits to all departments in an enterprise.

Digitization Benefits the Entire Organization

Individual departments in a large enterprise have varied requirements: but transforming company records from old uploaded analog information to accurate, digital data that can be visually understood addresses a wide variety of needs. Autonomous, drone-based data capture not only results in digitization of company asset data, but it is also better for field personnel. In a tight labor market, HR programs can offer professional development on the latest technology, better employee safety, more objective performance assessments, and integration into the rapidly evolving digital and hybrid workforce.

Digitization offers new levels of security and strong management of company data assets, helping IT departments meet the ever-increasing challenges of business operations. vHive’s Partner API allows for the integration of current drone data into existing asset management systems, consolidating data management. Data collection, processing time, and costs are reduced.

Quality Assurance – and any department concerned with minimizing risk – also benefit. Using autonomous drones to capture data minimizes the danger to field personnel and can improve safety records. Additionally, autonomy ensures that data capture is consistent across an organization, regardless of location. This level of accuracy provides many cross-company efficiencies.

Digital Twins: A Single Source of Truth

Beyond digitization, digital twins provide a single source of visually understood, unquestionable truth about properties in the field. This data can be shared by many stakeholders, aligning expectations and allowing companies to derive maximum value from their assets. Autonomous data capture and the resulting digital twins help M&A departments to perform rapid and more comprehensive audits, resulting in better negotiated prices. Leasing departments are able to validate inventory, identifying any inaccuracies in old surveys and improving billing procedures – often capturing lost revenue.

The Sales department can create new opportunities, easily identifying available space on an asset and working to optimize tower tenancy ratios. With accurate digital twins, Sales can provide tenants with accurate line of sight views and available elevations on structures, better serving their clients.

Operations departments can deliver cost efficiencies and optimize site utilization. By providing both staff and customers with accurate data, Operations can identify preventative maintenance opportunities and provide clients with a better understanding of any changes on sites. The vHive digital platform offers Operations departments with an opportunity to streamline site management processes, improving communications on work orders and reducing repeat visits to assets in the field.

Engineering departments can utilize digital twins in multiple ways. With better inventory data, engineers can improve structural assessments. Digital twins can be used in CAD and BIM systems to significantly reduce the time and cost of generating site models and simulating new site plans. As the 5G rollout continues, reducing the time to develop a new site is of increasing importance.

Finally, for the management of large tower companies, digital twins and more accurate, up-to-date data provide critical business insights that can allow large enterprises to save costs, improve margins, and do more with fewer resources. Managers have an overview of the entire company portfolio, with digital data adding more precise information and context throughout the workflow. Leveraging the best technology available to obtain an accurate and thorough understanding of business assets through dashboards, reports and visual data is indispensable in the evolving and increasingly competitive tower industry.

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