Deutsche Funkturm are taking part of the Digital Transformation Revolution

Deutsche Funkturm are taking part of the Digital Transformation Revolution

18 Nov 2020 Written by vhive_hadar


This exciting video clip explores the value shown by drones and digital twins, presented by Deutsche Funkturm. Produced in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom.

With over 31,600 radio sites, Deutsche Funkturm is a key player in developing mobile communications and media infrastructure. The company acquires, plans, realizes, operates and markets radio sites throughout Germany. When it comes to building and managing sites, many manual workflows such as site measurements and inspections are required. These are both time and cost intensive.

This is why we chose to collaborate with vHive, as with vHive’s innovative software solution, Deutsche Frunkturm can generate a sustainable increase in efficiency and quality to digitize the field using autonomous drone hives.

Replace manual labor to an autonomous, effortless experience in no time.
Leveraging mission dynamics, AI and multi-agent data collection algorithms and enables users to perform scalable surveys in just a few clicks.

  • Easily plan your survey using AI-based contextual awareness
  • Execute autonomous surveys using off the shelf drones with a click of a button
  • Analyze a broad range of 2D and 3D models and generate actionable business and operational insights.
  • Collaborate and Share results within the team

Inspecting more assets and saving over in related office and field costs and time.
Unprecedented data and insights secure lost revenue and generate new revenue opportunities.
Over the past years we have conducted hundreds of drone flights to digitize operational workflows, taking productivity, employee safety and compliance sky-high, with zero integration pains.

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