The use of cranes as part of the construction companies’ work tools is a necessity in many large-scale projects. Mobile cranes are operating and in predefined timelines.
Crane inspections are an essential safety task mandated by OSHA (and its global counterparts). One of the costliest impacts of crane inspection is crane downtime which directly translates into loss of
operating income.


Crane operators have a regulatory obligation to inspect their assets for any structural issues that can cause workforce accidents and fatalities. Regulations often require preventive maintenance, repairs to address deficiencies, lifetime inspections, general overhauls, engineering evaluations and more.
In order to perform a comprehensive crane inspection, cranes are required to cease work, be retracted and moved to a designated inspection area outside of the worksite. This process is complex, disrupts work for hours and requires the attention of several field workers. A skilled safety inspector then needs to visit the site and inspect each crane for safety hazards such as deformation, cracks, corroded or worn parts, loose bolts or rivets, fraying of cables and more before validating the crane’s compliance according to the standards.

vHive’s drone hive software solution revolutionizes the way mobile cranes are inspected. Using autonomous drones as a quantum leap in inspection technology, vHive’s software enables the collection of high-resolution field data to generate field intelligence in a fraction of the time and cost required by existing inspection processes and technologies.

Key Business Drivers

An end to end software solution for crane inspection and surveying, The user easily plans a crane survey,
and autonomous drones execute the mission with a press of a button. The enterprise receives full digitization of
their field assets, resulting in better field insights.
Revenue drivers
  • Revenue assurance: improved billing based on accurate data
Cost and time reduction
  • Decrease field time
  • Decrease number people required per inspection
  • Insurance costs eliminated
  • Office time reduction (inspection, modeling, measurement…)
On –going operations
  • Fully digitize asset base
  • Easy to search and compare over time

Crane Inspection Software Solution

vHive's crane inspection software solution creates interactive digital twins of your field crane assets and operations using fully autonomous drones.
Any field personnel can perform the drone survey for the expert in office to inspect.

Any Crane Type, Any Number of Drones

vHive’s solution automates every step of the crane inspections
Mobile Cranes
  • 2D and 3D models
  • Virtual tour
  • Detailed Reports
  • Comparison over time
Crawler Crane
(with jib)
  • 2D and 3D models
  • Virtual tour
  • Detailed Reports
  • Comparison over time
Crawler Crane
(without the Jib)
  • 2D and 3D models
  • Virtual tour
  • Detailed Reports
  • Comparison over time
Define your crane
inspection area and
mission type
Fully autonomous drones
will execute your plan by
clicking a button, while
maintaining safety
vhive will upload and ingest all drone data
automatically into the system and create digital
models of the asset (2D models/ 3D models/
All asset models are analyzed
according to your business
needs based on vHive’s AI and
machine learning capabilities
Data insights shared with your
peers through annotations and
reports to shorten time to insights
Upon information received
update/ repair/ monitor
your crane assets

Crane Inspections Key Use Cases

Secure revenue

Deliver projects on time by eliminating the need to move cranes out of the worksite

Create documentation

Every crane is fully surveyed from every angle and position.

Reduce cost

Autonomous drones capture field data and pass information to a remote inspection expert

Enhance safety

Reducing crane travel in and out of the site as well as the need to recline it for inspection

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