Automated, AI-Driven Crane Digitization: The Smart Alternative to Costly Inspections

Hassle-Free and Automated. Your Cranes, Optimized.

Avoid costly inspections by highly skilled staff, with autonomous inspection solution

Say goodbye to costly and time-consuming crane inspections. vHive’s easy-to-use autonomous drone software allows anyone onsite to conduct fully automated surveys of crawler, tower and mobile cranes from every angle and position, using off-the-shelf drones. This fully automated approach is making inspections a breeze, eliminating the need for highly skilled and costly staff or disruptive crane downtime, improving efficiency and saving you valuable time and money.

Gain accurate crane insights to collaborate easily across teams using an intuitive platform

Explore your highly accurate surveyed cranes in an interactive digital twin, enhanced by AI-driven analytics for actionable insights. Empower your teams to efficiently address any crane issue with seamless access for all stakeholders, both internal and external teams, all collaborating based on one single source of truth.

Enhance Workforce Safety and Extend Crane Lifespan

Ensure regulatory compliance and workforce safety while extending your crane’s lifespan. Our advanced automated fault detection system identifies potential hazards like deformation, cracks, worn parts, loose bolts, and fraying cables, allowing you to address issues promptly and efficiently to keep your operations secure and efficient.

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vHive Capture

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