The Construction industry is undergoing tremendous change, transforming from manual surveying and inspection to cost effective, rapid and precise drone based digital twins.


Commercial property owners, developers and contractors rely on receiving accurate and current information to better understand field operations, maintain their assets and lower risk. Their success is based on their ability to maximize revenue by lowering costs and increasing operational efficiencies in their projects.

Business Value

vHive's construction inspection software provides a quantum leap in inspection and surveying technology including site surveys, equipment audits, façade inspections, measurement and more. The alternative risk and cost associated with teams of surveyors, scafolds and equipment downtime, make the ROI of drone surveys obvious.
Revenue drivers
  • Minimize resource downtime and deliver projects on time
Cost and time reduction
  • Decrease number of people > free site personnel to other tasks
On –going operations
  • Fully digitize and document your site and assets, compare results over time and monitor performance against plan or requirements

Construction Inspection Software Solution

vHive's construction inspection solution creates interactive digital twins of your field operations, sites and assets using fully autonomous drones.

Any Asset Type, Any Number of Drones

vHive lets you scale by enabling you to pick from a variety of use cases, and apply the right number of drones to the task.
Survey an entire site
Capture a single structure
Inspect construction assets
Create a 360° virtual site tour
Define your survey type and location
Launch a fully autonomous survey
with a click of a button using vHive's field application,
while keeping safe
vHive construction inspection software
will automatically process your survey
data and generate digital twins of
your assets
All asset models are analyzed
according to your business
needs based on vHive’s AI and
machine learning capabilities
Data insights shared with your
peers through annotations and
reports to shorten time to insights
Upon information received
update/ repair/ monitor
your construction assets

Key Use Cases

Digital documentation

Construction projects are bedeviled by many factors that can drive up costs, impact worker safety and deadlines and trigger lawsuits between stakeholders.

Commercial property owners, developers and contractors now receive full visibility based on accurate data of the project, that is stored, annotated and tagged. All shareholders can contribute and collaborate effectively to the project based on detailed data.

Façade inspection

Transforming from scaffolding that expose employees to danger, takes time and costs are high, that produce partial information to fully autonomous drone

flights safeguarding the employees, capture field data and pass information to a remote inspection expert, eliminating travel and site visit costs.


Till now, cranes were required to cease work, be retracted and moved to a designated inspection area outside of the worksite.

A skilled safety inspector then needed to visit the site and inspect each crane for safety hazards. Now easily plan a crane survey, drones will execute autonomously with a press of a button, view and analyze captured information, generate reports and collaborate to ensure safe and smooth operations.

Safety inspection

A shift from safety inspectors that are exposed to environmental and physical dangers to field personnel equipped with drones that inspect the sites from the ground.

Simplifying the on-going maintenance, adherence to safety and regulatory rules and remote inspections improves employee safety and cuts the cost associated with it.


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