Adding Tenant Data to the Digital Twin for More Data & More Clarity

Adding Tenant Data to the Digital Twin for More Data & More Clarity

9 May 2022 Written by Sharon

vHive’s autonomous drone enabled data platform generates precise Digital Twins of tower assets and a full understanding of the tower site. These exact visual representations offer tower companies insights on their asset portfolios that range from a 360-degree view of the surrounding environment to a close look at each individual component on a tower. This data powers business insights that solve operational problems across departments: billing, maintenance, repair, M&A and more.

We’re continually updating our platform to provide even more value for our customers. Now, vHive has added new functionality to address one of the most persistent problems in the tower industry: providing clarity to stakeholders tenancy and establishing who owns what without having to manage unwieldy – and often inconclusive – spreadsheets.

The spreadsheet method is a major pain point for tower companies: it’s time consuming to review and challenging to keep up-to-date. With no direct link between the spreadsheet data and the asset, users must invest significant effort into review and sorting to grasp exactly what each asset holds. This method is not only inefficient: missing or inconclusive tenancy data makes it extremely challenging for users to monitor changes, bill accurately, and have an organization – wide understanding of portfolio assets.

vHive has now provided a technological solution to the problem, allowing users to add tenant information to the digital twin of the asset. This solution provides an immediate visual understanding of an asset that includes what type of equipment is owned by which tenant and this can be compared to the customers’ contract ensuring accurate billing.

Adding Tenant Data to the Digital Twin for More Data & More Clarity

This new capability connects the After an initial setup, organizations can maintain accuracy of tenancy information easily. vHive highlights what has been changed or added to a tower asset after each subsequent routine survey, pointing out changes that must be allocated to tenants appropriately.

An easy user interface allows users to change equipment ownership, filter by tenant, and highlight the equipment owned by a particular tenant on the digital twin. Tenancy information is included in the site report. As vHive continues to develop this functionality, we’ll provide even greater insights on tenancy across portfolio towers.

How can tenancy data help?

vHive’s new tenancy data functionality offers a significant improvement in workflow and data management. Integrating tenancy data into tower models links tenant information with its physical location in a shareable and easily understood format. This new feature is easy to use, and easy to keep up-to-date during on-going operations. Digital twins with added context provide a single source of truth and an organizational understanding of an asset: and contribute to solving major revenue issues, like contracted vs. actual equipment on the asset impacting the billing process and future asset development.

vHive’s platform provides precise and accurate digitization of assets in an easily accessible form. Digital twins provide a single source of truth and an organization-wide understanding of asset portfolios that enable revenue and workflow optimization and can lead to far-reaching improvements. Tenancy data is the latest improvement in a platform continually evolving to provide our customers with the insights they need to lead in a rapidly changing industry.

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