Digital Twin Software

Digitizing Enterprise Assets. Autonomously

Enterprise Drone Hive Software

vHive is the only end to end software solution that
enables enterprises to create digital twins of their
field assets and operations using autonomous drone
hives from a single drone to multiple drones.

An End to End Solution

Autonomous drone hives
Simply plan your drone mission, launch your drones with a press of a button and get fast and accurate results – all complexities handled.
Powerful analytics
We empower enterprise customers to digitize their assets and generate digital twins to visualize, analyze, simulate, and improve assets and processes over time.
Easy to use
Choose between enabling your workforce to use off-the-shelf drones and operate them with minimal training or benefit from our global field operations network
Scalable technology
Using advanced multi-agent data collection algorithms and mission dynamics AI, we have built the technology that makes aerial surveys of any scale or shape possible, faster, cheaper and easier.

How It Works

Define your survey area and mission type.
Execute your survey fully autonomously by launching drones with a click of a button, while maintaining safety.
vHive will automatically process your survey data and generate digital twins of your assets
Digital assets are analyzed according to your business needs, using vHive algorithms and AI engine.
Data insights shared with your peers through annotations and reports to shorten time to business insights.
Manage your field assets and field activities on an ongoing basis.


Direct impact on revenue through
better insights of field assets
Analytics and Insights:
AI highlights areas of interest within
vast amounts of data, resulting in
actionable business insights.
Operational efficiencies:
time, cost and resource saving
Improved employee safety by sending
drones to perform dangerous
tasks instead of humans


Typical industry numbers
40 %
Increase in assets surveyed per month
5 %
Had inventory inaccuracies, translating into 1% billing improvement
62 %
Reduction in field and time
67 %
Reduction in office work cost due to accurate data
100 %
Improvement in employee safety

Proven Scalability

vHive supports Fortune 500 companies who use its software platform across a variety of industries and geographies.
As the leading enterprise drone hive software, the platform has supported more than hundreds of
thousands of flights and hundreds of millions of images.


“vHive platform is so easy to use, it’s such a huge efficiency engine, it helps us roll-out faster. Its all about using the platform and collecting data and insights for multiple use cases over time.”

“with vHive we received much more than the traditional ways of collecting data, we received a sophisticated, cost-effective product. It’s not just the data collected, the site audits or the inspection reports, it’s giving access to additional groups in the company that use these datasets. We needed to change our workflows to meet the organizations needs.”

” The entire vHive team has done an excellent job of working with the various Bechtel stakeholders and continuously refining the product to get to where it is today. Thank YOU for all of your hard work and perseverance. I’m looking forward to your upcoming innovations.”


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Indara has announced that it has formed a partnership with vHive – a global leader in Digital Twin software solutions. The partnership will see Indara’s infrastructure portfolio benefit from AI-powered drone technology: leading to faster, more effective, and more sustainable servicing of their digital infrastructure portfolio. With a growing portfolio of over 4,300 sites, Indara’s […]
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