Plan Intelligently

Creating powerful multi-drone surveys is a breeze: In a few, very simple steps, define your area of interest and let vHive take care of all planning aspects: data sampling plan, flight plans, multi drone mission allocation, safety and regulation compliance.

In order to create highly accurate 2D and 3D models of your field operations, vHive generates a data acquisition plan that consists of various image capture locations, altitudes and angles – all while taking into account the specific drones to be used and their sensors.

vHive’s system minimizes your time in the field by intelligently deploying multi-drone missions. Our cutting edge algorithms evaluate your mission, recommend the optimal number of drones and their launch locations. The system can also simulate the impact changing recommended settings to what your fleet of mission dictate.

vHive uses a combination of passive and active safety measures and algorithms to ensure that your fleet collaborates properly. Enforce regulations such as maintaining visual line of sight, complying with altitude restrictions and avoiding no fly zones

Execute Easily

vHive methodically, dynamically and safely flies your fleet, handling multi-drone missions in real time.
We ensure that you spend a minimal amount of time in the field with the least hassle.

Launching your fleet of drones is as as easy as pressing a button. vHive assigns your drones to their individual tasks as they join or return from their mission, ensuring that all your required data is captured.

The drones automatically collect data throughout their flight mission.
Once the flight is complete, the information is automatically uploaded
to vHive for immediate access and processing.

Analyze Smartly

Get rapid mission results in your browser. View, measure, calculate, analyze, share and collaborate with your organization using precise 2D maps, powerful 3D models and much more.

Data is automatically processed and users can create various reports such
as 2D/3D models, Orthophoto and many more.

Ensure better and faster decision making based on business insights
gathered from reports based on accurate flight data