Drones are the new quantum leap in surveying and inspection technology, enabling the collection of highly accurate field data, on demand, using a broad variety of sensors in a fraction of the time required by other technologies.

vHive’s solution can be used extensively throughout the life-cycle of your project: starting with scoping and planning, through effective management of field resources and reporting to ongoing field data analysis and collaboration.

Our multi-drone technology enables our construction customers to scalably map, model, analyze and monitor hundreds of work sites.  Monitor ongoing construction work ranging from site safety to progress,  planned vs. actual analysis, “as built” reports and more.

Project Planning

  • Digitally document project site
  • Visualize your project area and outcome
  • Improve project scoping and resource allocation
  • Mitigate unforeseen project obstacles

Project Execution 

  • Monitor ongoing progress and deviations
  • Identify inaccuracies and potential delays
  • Precisely measure: location, distance, area, volume
  • Create As-Built documentation

Experience the only smart way to operate
your drone fleet