Drones are the new quantum leap in surveying and inspection technology, enabling the collection of highly accurate field data, on demand, using a broad variety of sensors in a fraction of the time required by other technologies.

vHive’s solution can be used extensively throughout the life-cycle of your project: starting with scoping and planning, through effective management of field resources and reporting to ongoing field data analysis and collaboration.

Our multi-drone technology enables our civil engineering customers to easily scale their data-acquisition operations from a single building to a neighborhood or even a city; to cover miles of newly constructed road and hectares of developed area; to complex structures such as bridges, facilities or towers.

Project Planning 

  • Get a precise and current view of the project area
  • Improve project scoping and resource allocation
  • Mitigate unforeseen project obstacles
  • Measure accurately location, distance and area volume
  • Effectively collaborate  and share data with your project team

Project Execution 

  • Monitor ongoing progress and deviations
  • Capture and document progress
  • Detect change over time
  • Identify project inaccuracies and delays
  • Measure precisely location, distance, area, volume

Experience the only smart way to operate
your drone fleet