Drone Surveys Redefined

The Industry's First Mission AI™ for Drone Fleets

Industrial grade data acquisition, data management and data processing
using autonomous, off-the-shelf drone fleets - all complexities handled

About Us
/ Drones deliver immense value in a broad variety of commercial applications, although for the most part on a small scale using a manual approach.
vHive's software platform harnesses drone fleets to revolutionize commercial applications. Our technology delivers intelligent, dynamic and scalable mission automation that safely makes you better informed about your field operations.

Whether you are a commercial user, a drone service provider, a developer or solution integrator, vHive gives you the scalable power to focus on business needs rather than on mission planning, data collection, piloting and data analysis. Achieve what YOU need: smarter, faster and safer data.

Manage a Fleet, not a Flight

Multi-Drone Missions

vHive moves beyond the single-pilot:single-drone paradigm, enabling enterprises to leverage multiple resources in parallel

Multi-Pilot Missions

vHive enables multi-pilot or multi-team missions, removing all coordination complexities, enabling true collaboration

Mission AI™

vHive's Mission AI™ manages your autonomous missions, delivering the fastest, most reliable data. Our system takes care of all field dynamics and complexities, ensuring your success

Any Scale

Our system is built to support any mission scale without slowing down

Faster Results

With vHive's parallel data acquisition and processing, we deliver the fastest results

Reduced Cost

We let you achieve more results with fewer resources, saving on your operational costs

As Easy As 1,2,3...

1. Intelligently Plan

We let you focus on your needs: the information you'd like to collect, where and at what quality. We take care of the rest: data and sampling plans, flight plans, drone mission allocation and safety

2. Easily Execute

We immensely enjoy flying drones, but fun aside - our system accurately, methodically, dynamically and safely flies your fleet.

3. Smartly Analyze

Get quick mission results to your browser. View, measure, calculate, share and collaborate with your organization precise data, powerful 3D models and much more.


vHive mission AI™ covers a broad range of applications. Here a some of the key use cases where we deliver value:

Civil Engineering & Construction

Project Planning Stage
  • Precise and current view of project area
  • Improve project scoping and resource allocation
  • Mitigation of unforeseen project obstacles
  • Measure precisely location, distance, area volume
Project Execution Stage
  • Monitor ongoing progress and deviations
  • Identify Project inaccuracy (cm level) and Delays
  • Project documentation
  • Measure precisely location, distance, area, volume

Utilities & Infrastructure

High resolution imaging
and data management system
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Historic data analytics
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Fault identification and pinpointing
  • Dynamic damage Assessment
  • Operational optimization
  • Security and safety

Industrial Inspection

High resolution inspection
and data management system
  • Parallel inspection minimizing field downtime
  • Dynamic pre-inspection field mapping
  • Fault identification and 3D pinpointing
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Security and safety
  • Operational optimization
  • Historic data analytics
  • Applicable to solar fields as well


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